Proxi Interactive Maps for Map Plotting & Data Visualization

Proxi maps are great for plotting data. If you have data that you want to visualize, Proxi maps is the best way to do it. You can plot points on the map and see your data in a new way. Our map visualizations are interactive and free. You can pin multiple locations on a map.

Easily plot map points and create data visualizations with Proxi

You might be wondering what kind of data you can plot on a map. You can plot any kind of data! If you have latitude and longitude coordinates, you can plot them on a map. You can also plot data that is associated with addresses. Proxi maps are great for plotting sales data, customer data, trends or any other kind of data that you want to map out. If you're ready to start mapping out your data, head over to our map templates and get started! It's free and easy to use. You'll be able to visualize your data in a new way in no time. Try it out today!
Set Up in Seconds

Start now and share immediately. Adding points and customizing you map is quick, easy, and free.

Edit with Ease

No reaching out to developers for help. Easily add, edit, and delete points in our friendly user interface.

Collaborate with Co-Workers

Allow your co-workers to add, edit, and maintain points on the map.

Brand Alignment is Easy

With Proxi, making our maps brand-aligned is easy. Customize every detail and make it look like an in-house tool.

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