Proxi Interactive Maps for Online Communities

Create a crowdsourceable map as an actionable resource for your online community

Are you an admin or a member of an online community? Perhaps on Facebook, Reddit or Discord? Maybe you run a community on Circle or Hivebrite? Odds are, you want ways to bring your community together. Proxi Interactive Maps are a great way to have your community relate to one another on a set of locations that you recommend or have your community bond over a map that they can build collaboratively.

Proxi Interactive Maps for Online Communities
For example, you might run a Facebook group that covers travels in Italy. Your members can add their favorite travel spots to the map to share with one another. Or, you might host an online community of people with a rare disease. Folks in the group might want to put the best resources they know about on a map for others to see. Your Proxi maps can be pinned as resources for the group.
Understand Your Fans

See what your map viewers are clicking on, where they are “getting directions” to and more. 

Make Your Map Super Cute

By customizing the colors, icons, and more, you can make your Proxi Map as cute as you & your peers are. 

Crowdsource from Your Community

Invite your community to add points to your map! Have the points auto-appear or approve them as they come in. 

Share Via Social

Share your maps on your social channels, in your linkinbio, and more. Encourage your fans to do the same and increase your reach. 

Get Inspired

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