Maddie Clayton

Director of Engineering, Co-Founder

Maddie is an experienced developer who joined us from a career in big tech.

Maddie came to Proxi as a co-founder and the director of engineering from a career in big tech, with experience as a Software Engineer at Microsoft and Facebook. At Microsoft, she worked on building commands and enforcing code quality standards for the open-source Azure PowerShell repository. At Facebook, she worked on content recommendations for the dedicated News Tab, with a focus on performance, efficiency, and improving the developer experience. Her passion as a Software Engineer was creating an engineering culture where developers can thrive, whether through documentation, code quality, or testing. She is excited to foster that culture at Proxi as the Director of Engineering. Maddie graduated from Princeton University with a Bachelor of Science and Engineering in Computer Science. Maddie enjoys sharing her fully remote New York home office with Luna, her Australian Shepherd, and Henry, her cat.