Create an ✨Actually✨ Useful Travel Map in 3 Steps

Proxi changes the travel game. Set up a FREE map with us (no catches later, we promise) and gather all of your recommendations in one place.

Planning travel can be daunting. And daunting because it is time consuming. Taking time to scour all of the sites (Yelp, Eater, Trip Advisor, etc) is frustrating because with all of the ads and fake reviews, its’s hard to know who to trust anymore.

Maybe you turn to your friends, siblings, parents, or coworkers for suggestions. Their responses come back in a text but then…  you go on vacation and BOOM: you’re in some random spot. You’re hungry, and you’re resorting to Google Maps for suggestions anyway.

Proxi changes the game. When you are planning a trip, set up a FREE map with us (no catches later, we promise) and gather all of your recommendations in one place. Then *BOOM* when you’re in the middle of this new city and have no idea what is near you, simply pull out your map and see where you are relative to ALL those valuable recommendations from people who know your vibes.

1) Click 'generate map' at — or just click here!

It takes just a minute. Title your map, give us an email address (your sharing links will go there), and designate some categories. E.g. Restaurants, Bars, Views, Indoor Activities, etc. You can always add more later!

2) Immediately receive an email with your secret and shareable links! and share!

As soon as you hit “submit” on the form, you will receive an email with your map admin link (shh! that’s a secret) and a sharing link. As soon as you have those, you can start sending the link to friends, family, coworkers, Bumble matches … whoever! Just send the link their way and ask them to add some recommendations. Don’t worry, the recommendations are SO easy to add and won’t inconvenience them at all. Honestly, it is probably better than typing out a bunch of paragraphs to you anyway :)

3) Add the spots that you want to hit and watch your peers’ recommendations roll in!

Add your own must-see spots alongside those that your peers add! Groups of points can be used to help with planning your days or getting (semi) lost in the city. It is so fun to see all of the dots start showing up! And yes, as an admin you can edit or delete any point at any time.

4) Enjoy your EASIEST-PLANNED-TRIP yet!

Pull up the map as you plan your day or spontaneously as you start getting a little hungry. We guarantee you’ll love seeing what's good around you and all of the stress of deciding what to do next will melt away.

See how I used Proxi (formerly known as Map Your Idea) to create an amazing San Diego Trip👇

Enjoy your trip!

Start building a travel map with your friends now!