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Search for places you want to visit in the real world and save them for later with one click.

Proxi is the Pinterest of Place

Organize interesting places you find online by adding them to your Proxi Map. Easily refer back to your maps later!

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Browse the web for places you want to save.
Add the place to your map with one click, without leaving the page!
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Here's How It Works:

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The Proxi Chrome Extension generates map points for your Proxi maps
so you don’t have to.

This process eliminates copying and pasting locations into a list format. Never leave your browser and keep track of everywhere you want to go!
As you search online for places to go, highlight the spots you want to keep track of and add them to your Proxi map with the click of your mouse. 

Adding them to your Proxi map is way better than adding them to a physical list because Proxi maps allow you to categorize your map points and get directions when you’re on the go.

Are you planning a trip or tracking places in your local community you want to visit? Use the Proxi Chrome Extension to organize your finds on a Proxi map to refer back to again and again!
Populate a Proxi map using the content you already have on your site. Maps are more engaging for readers than lists when displaying information about places. This is because readers can visualize their proximity to your recommendations on a map!

Do you have a list of the ‘Top 10 Places’ to go this weekend? Or a guide to your local community? Use the Proxi Chrome Extension to add the content from your site to a Proxi map, then embed the map on the your site or share it on social media.

Pin locations to your Proxi map from the sites you love. We'll bookmark the Page for You.