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Map My Blog instantly transforms your list of places into an interactive map that will inspire and engage your readers like never before.

Capture - Click to scan your blog and select your points
Edit - Refine your map and add your brand's touch within Proxi
Publish - Embed and share your map anywhere!
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Here's How It Works:

Make your blog work for you:

Map My Blog goes beyond just maps.

We leverage proximity to add even more value to your advertising efforts and act as the ultimate conversion tool for your blog. By helping your viewers discover convenient places that cater to their needs, you'll create a personalized and fun experience that inspires action.
In this current environment, content generation is king. You need to be able to easily and quickly create engaging content that can be scaled across all your channels and markets.

Rise Above the Rest: Revolutionize the listicle experience for you and your readers. By leveraging our tools, you can increase time spent on your page, inspire conversions, gather robust data, and create content that your readers will adore, leaving your competitors in the dust.

✨ Create with Speed and Ease: No more starting from scratch! Our AI takes your team's existing content and quickly transforms it into an engaging Proxi map. Empower your entire team to scale their content effortlessly with just a click of the mouse.

Smart Branding, Savvy Business: Forget about costly and complex in-house development. Experience user-friendly and affordable software that can be seamlessly implemented across your entire organization while reflecting and enhancing your brand's identity. Customize each map to perfectly match and elevate the personality of your content, ensuring a cohesive brand experience.
Do you have a list of the ‘Top 10 Places’ to go this weekend? Or a guide to your local community? Utilize the content you’ve already created and supercharge it with a Proxi Map.

Don't settle for a static list. Interactive maps have the power to draw in your readers, immersing them in a dynamic and captivating experience that keeps them hooked, resulting in a significant increase in time spent on your page and inspiring action and conversion. 

Unleash the Insights:  Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to data-driven decision-making. Delve deep into your audience's preferences, track engagements, and gather valuable viewer details.

Seamlessly On-Brand: Our maps can be fully customized to seamlessly blend with your blog's identity, creating a cohesive experience that appears as if it's your in-house creation.