Proxi Frequently Asked Questions

Product Questions

Why is Proxi the software of choice for interactive maps?


Customization: Color scheme, icons, logo at the top, banner/text and title at the top, image preview link and URL are all customizable. With Proxi your map will match your branding and look like a custom-built tool.

Analytics: Creators can see their # of map views as well as the top 10 most viewed points on a rolling basis; this provides visibility into how users are interacting with your content. 

Ways to share: Proxi gives creators the ability to share in different ways, including embed on site, customized URL, or  QR code.  

Governance: Maps created on Proxi may be shared ‘read only,’ meaning others cannot add points. They may also be shared with crowdsourcing enabled. Many users find controlled crowdsourcing useful; this functionality enables others to add points to the community map - but those points will only be visible ‘if and when’ the map owner approves them.  

Featured points: All points may be highlighted so that they visually ‘glow’ on your Proxi map! This feature is ‘click on/click off’ and is useful to indicate a specific point of interest to your audience (eg, this location is offering a discount).   

Drag and drop: Points may be drug and dropped anywhere on your Proxi map, and will update to that exact latitude and longitude. This feature is particularly useful for points of interest lacking a physical address, such a waterfall

What happens to my content after I create it?


Nothing, until you choose to share it. You can embed your map directly on a site, share it to social media, share it via QR code or URL… there are lots of possibilities! 

I have a huge audience. How many people can view my map at the same time without causing errors?


To pressure test volume capabilities, we ran a simulation whereby a map with 10,000 unique points was viewed by 50,000 unique users three times in a ten minute period, resulting in an error rate of less than 0.1%. If you have any concerns about a high volume map, please don’t hesitate to reach out to - we can help! 

I am going to take my website offline to save on hosting costs.  What happens to my map?


Nothing! All URLs and QR codes will still work as normal. Your map is portable, meaning the content will still exist and be available even if you’ve taken your website offline. 

Tech Questions

I don’t have a specific question, but I’d like to review Proxi’s API documentation. Where can I find that?


Please find documentation here: Let us know how we can help + what you are working on!

I am concerned about storage and privacy. How are requests and responses encoded? Are they encrypted? 


Yes. Interaction with the website is TLS 1.2 encrypted (the `https` in the URL). Further, all database data is “encrypted at rest”, which means it is encrypted on the disk, and encrypted as it gets sent from the disk to the application server.

What programming languages can I use to create, update or delete topics within the Proxi interface?


Any!  We do not have specific language bindings (SDKs). Proxi APIs can be called by making a simple HTTP request.

I want to ingest Proxi’s data as an input into my business (ex: I want to know the number of views my custom maps had in a given timeframe). Can I ingest Proxi’s data via an API? What do I need to get started?


Yes, we have an API for this. Please reach out to with your specific use case - we can help you get set up.

Still have questions? Check the learn center or email us at