Unlock powerful insights into your audience's behavior.

Discover valuable metrics on your viewership and engagement. Download and share these powerful metrics with your key stakeholders.

Make your maps work for you

Gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of your social media strategy by analyzing views, clicks and conversion. Proxi's map analytics empower you to refine your content, optimize user experience, and make data-driven decisions to continuously improve your social media engagement and drive better results.

Number of Points

View total number of points on the map right on the dashboard located in the upper left corner.

Map Views

See total map views, unique map viewers, and data on map views over time to learn how well your maps are performing.

Map Engagement

Learn the number of daily and monthly engaged users and how much time they spend interacting with your map.

Proxi Passport Challenge

The digital alternative to traditional stamped passport booklets that will engage your community like never before.

In-depth analysis at your fingertips

Dive deeper into advanced data, enabling detailed analysis and identification of opportunities for improvement. Learn the number of people interacting with each point, including total point clicks, "Get Directions" clicks, "More Info" clicks, point shares and so much more.

Viewer Locations and Devices

Get to know your audience. Analyze a pie chart with viewer locations and a bar graph with devices viewers use to view your maps.

Most Clicked Categories

Learn what categories, tags and filters your viewers are most interested in.

Point Interactions

View how many users interacted with each point by liking, sharing, clicking "More Info", "Get Directions" and "OpenTable".

Explore more features

Get the most out of Proxi and take your mapping experience to another level.

Proxi Passport Challenge

The digital alternative to traditional stamped passport booklets that will engage your community like never before.

Unleash the Power of Location-based Challenges

Are you a community organizer or someone running challenges looking to create an exciting and engaging experience for your participants? Look no further! Say hello to Proxi Passport Challenge, the ultimate tool to organize, visualize, and elevate your location-based challenges. With Passport Challenge, you can seamlessly create, manage, and track challenges while offering a unique and interactive experience for your participants. Let's dive into the remarkable features that make Proxi Passport Challenge the go-to solution for challenge creators like you.

Effortless Organization and Visualization
Proxi Passport Challenge empowers you to effortlessly organize and visualize participating locations for your challenge. By simply inputting the relevant details, you can plot your challenge locations on a visually appealing map, creating an immersive experience for your participants. The interactive map allows participants to explore, discover, and check-in at each location using a unique code, making your challenge an adventure to remember.

Real-time Leaderboard Tracking
Stay ahead of the game with Proxi Passport Challenge's real-time leaderboard. As participants check in at various challenge locations, you can monitor their progress instantly. The leaderboard provides valuable insights into the top-performing participants, encouraging healthy competition and driving engagement. With real-time tracking, you can create a dynamic and exciting challenge atmosphere that keeps participants motivated throughout their journey.

Seamless Communication and Rewards
Proxi Passport Challenge enables communication between challenge creators and participants. As participants meet challenge criteria and reach milestones, you have the power to award prizes and recognize their accomplishments, fostering a sense of achievement and loyalty.

Self-serve and Time-efficient
We understand that your time is precious. That's why Proxi Passport Challenge is designed to be self-serve and time-efficient. Setting up your challenge is a breeze, taking only around 45 minutes to complete the process. With our intuitive platform, you can create and launch challenges with ease, eliminating the need for complex technical skills or extensive training. Focus on what matters most - creating unforgettable challenges for your participants - while Proxi Passport Challenge handles the rest.

Affordable Pricing Options
At Proxi, we believe in providing value without breaking the bank. Proxi Passport Challenge offers flexible pricing options to suit your needs. Choose our annual plan for $299 per month (billed annually) and enjoy a comprehensive package with all the features you require. Alternatively, opt for the month-to-month plan at $399 per month for more flexibility. Whichever plan you choose, Proxi Passport Challenge guarantees exceptional value for your investment.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your challenges into unforgettable experiences. Take the leap with Proxi Passport Challenge and witness the power of location-based engagement like never before. Get started today and create captivating challenges that leave a lasting impression.

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