Discovering Hidden Gems: Exploring Ireland with Proxi's Travel Maps

A case study on interactive maps for personal travel

Katie McClure

Katie McClure

Director of Marketing

Today, we're thrilled to shine the spotlight on an exceptional map-making enthusiast - Samantha! From the very beginning, Samantha has been a steadfast supporter of Proxi, starting with the original Seattle trick-or-treat map. Since then, she's utilized Proxi for mapping out the best IPA spots, organizing volunteering events, and most recently, planning her unforgettable journey to Ireland!

Samantha's European Adventure:
This spring, Samantha embarked on her first European adventure, and her excitement was palpable. However, she faced the challenge of where to begin amidst the vast possibilities. Samantha, known for her love of vibes, sought the perfect blend of structured plans and room for spontaneous exploration. Enter Proxi, her trusted sidekick, ready to assist in mapping out the trendiest pubs, mouth-watering restaurants, captivating art shops, and thrilling adventures. With Proxi's help, Samantha and her husband could effortlessly find the ideal spots to suit their ever-changing vibes.

Samantha's Mapping Philosophy:
Samantha shared her approach, stating, "My favorite thing about Proxi is the ability to build travel maps with the intention to be spontaneous. With a little bit of research (& sometimes with the help of AI - *shoutout MapsGPT*), I am able to create a map full of suggestions for fun activities, cool vibes, and always including the best Hazy IPA our destination has to offer."  And we couldn't agree more, Samantha! While we value structure and organization when traveling, stumbling upon hidden gems during spontaneous moments is where true travel magic unfolds. It's through these encounters that we connect with the culture and community of the places we visit.

Samantha's journey showcases the boundless possibilities that open up when you combine the spirit of adventure with the guidance of Proxi. From mapping out the best IPA spots to discovering hidden gems in a foreign land, she embodies the essence of a true explorer. As we continue to delve into the stories of remarkable individuals within the Proxi community, we hope Samantha's tale inspires you to embark on your own mapping adventures. Stay tuned for more captivating stories and inspiring individuals within the Proxi community as we continue to celebrate those who go above and beyond the map.

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