Drive foot traffic to your Member businesses

Create interactive member directories and local area guides highlighting your members. Leverage Proxi's powerful analytics to measure conversions and quantify your economic impact. Layer on lead generation tools to capture your audience.

Take the guesswork out of your marketing strategies

Utilize Proxi to create interactive maps, generate leads, and quantify your economic impact.

Create compelling interactive maps that drive foot traffic straight to the doors of your member businesses. Proxi maps serve as a potent solution, enabling Chambers to showcase their member businesses through an engaging, enjoyable, and easily shareable map. Elevate your strategy with Proxi maps, equipped with advanced features that not only make marketing efforts impactful but also provide precise measurements of their economic influence.

Passport Challenges

Proxi Passport Challenge is the ultimate tool for crafting immersive and unique community-driven experiences. Create challenges and digital passports for your Chamber Business for events like 'Shop Local for the Holidays' or as a scavenger hunt around town. These digital alternatives to traditional stamped passport booklets gamify the experience for participants and drive foot traffic to your members. With our check-in technology, you can track and measure your economic impact easily while ensuring participants enjoy a seamless experience and rewarding journey.

Highlight Your Member Businesses

If an image can speak a thousand words, then a Proxi map can speak a million. Proxi breathes life into your Chamber on the digital screen. Highlight your member businesses by plotting them on a map, complete with links to their site, engaging text descriptions, images, and, of course, directions to lead your audience right to their doorstep. Harness the power of Proxi's robust analytics to monitor views, clicks, and conversions, and easily share these impactful metrics with your stakeholders.

Key Features

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Collaborate with Co-Workers
Allow your co-workers to add, edit, and maintain points on the map.
Brand Alignment is Easy
With Proxi, making our maps brand-aligned is easy. Customize every detail and make it look like an in-house tool.
Date & Time Attributes
Import Spreadsheets
Import spreadsheets and effortlessly create maps from your own data sets.
Increased Sustainability
Say goodbye to wasteful, and easily outdated paper maps.
Mobile Friendly
Share Anywhere
Our maps are simply a link. No app required! Share via text, email, linkinbio, on your website, and more.
Enterprise Accounts
Collaborate with your team with a joint account - align on brand standards across all maps, joint map storage, and improve account privacy.
Enjoy Great Support
Our support team is here to help. We won’t leave you in the cold. Reach out to at any time. 
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