Proxi Interactive Maps for Travel & Local Influencers

Engage with your followers and help them go to the places you recommend.

With Proxi, you can easily organize your content, convert your followers, and diversify your income. Engage your audience by integrating Proxi Maps into your blog posts, sharing them on social media, and driving traffic to your website.

Proxi Interactive Maps for Travel & Local Influencers
Let's say goodbye to static lists! Your fans will more easily take action based on your location recommendations when you use a map. You can embed pictures, details, affiliate links and more to entice users to visit places that you recommend. Then you get data on how people are using and converting on those recommendations.
Drive Traffic Back to Your Content

Set up your points link to your guides, products,YouTube Videos, and more. Help people more quickly find the content that is relevant to them. 

See Insights on How the Map is Used

We deliver map creators aggregated insights like how many views the map has, what is clicked on the most, and more!

Embed in Wordpress, Squarespace, and More

Embed Proxi maps using the “code” element with ease. Reach out to with any questions.

Share Anywhere

Our maps are simply a link. No app required! Share via text, email, linkinbio, on your website, and more.

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