Proxi Interactive Maps for Hotel Guests

Proxi Interactive Maps help guests navigate the local area with recommendations provided by your front desk or concierge team.

You can give guests links to interactive area Proxi Maps upon check-in or embed them in electronic check-in materials.

Proxi Interactive Maps for Hotel Guests
As guests check into their hotel, they want to know what the area has to offer. Replace your PDF list of local hot spots with a digital map your guests can view on their mobile device throughout their trip. If the front desk or concierge team has specific recommendations, maps can be duplicated and customized for guests. Moreover, the hotel receives analytics on map and map point views, facilitating the creation of partnerships with local businesses.
Use Our QR codes to Easily Share the Maps on Prints

We create a shareable QR code for you & send it to your email. Print these to make accessing the map easy for everyone! No app required. 

Understand Your Users

See what your map viewers are clicking on, where they are “getting directions” to and more. 

Brand Alignment is Easy

With Proxi, making our maps brand-aligned is easy. Customize every detail and make it look like an in-house tool.

Duplicate with Ease

Need to make many maps? Easily duplicate your custom maps to build new experiences quickly.

Get Inspired

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