Maps for Real Estate Teams

Are you a real estate agent looking for a powerful tool to showcase your listings, increase close rates, and gather valuable leads? Look no further! Proxi Maps is here to revolutionize the way you present properties and connect with potential buyers.

Proxi Maps: Your Ultimate Real Estate Partner

Immersive Property Portfolio

Looking for a new way to present your real estate properties? With Proxi Maps, you can showcase your entire portfolio on an interactive map that will keep your audience engaged and interested. You'll have access to all the tools you need to show off complete property listings, high-quality images, and even virtual tours and video walkthroughs. Let Proxi Maps help you find the perfect way to display your properties!

Seamless Lead Capture

Proxi Maps revolutionizes lead generation with a suite of powerful tools at your fingertips. Employ our email capture pop-up to effortlessly collect viewer emails. These valuable leads integrate seamlessly into your CRM for continuous nurturing. With Proxi's Lead Stream, you can also offer on-map inquiry forms. Interested leads can submit their questions or requests directly through the map interface, ensuring their inquiries land right in your inbox. Swift responses and nurturing await.

Explore the Neighborhood‍

Proxi goes beyond property listings. We empower you to create area guide maps that highlight all the attractions, amenities, and services in the neighborhoods you serve. Prospective buyers can get a comprehensive overview of the area's schools, parks, restaurants, shopping centers, and more. This feature helps you sell not only the property but also the lifestyle that comes with it.

Customize your area guide maps based on your client's preferences and priorities. Whether they are interested in a family-friendlyneighborhood, a bustling downtown district, or a quiet suburban community, you can tailor your recommendations to meet their specific needs, making you atrusted advisor in their homebuying journey.

Find the right solution for your team

Lead Generation & Robust Analytics

Level up your lead generation with Proxi's Email Collection feature! Capture and engage your audience directly from your Proxi map. Tailor your marketing efforts, streamline communication, and boost brand loyalty. Proxi comes with a comprehensive dashboard to help you monitor the performance of your maps and gain valuable insight into how customers are engaging with your content. Get detailed analytics on impressions, engagements, and conversion rates to help you understand what content is performing best.

An Extension of your Brand

To stand out amongst the crowd, you need an innovative and interactive way to connect with your followers. With Proxi maps you can create an extension of your brand that is dynamic and easily accessible to your audience. Within Proxi you have access to our library of custom icons, map backgrounds, and other resources to make your map look professional and unique. Easily sync your map with your existing website or blog, allowing your followers to access it with a single click. You can also include them in all newsletters, QR codes on printed media, and include in your link in bio.

Key Features

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Better Marketing Strategy
Look like a marketing innovator, recieve actionable data, and improve the way you move visitors down the marketing funnel.
Brand Alignment is Easy
With Proxi, making our maps brand-aligned is easy. Customize every detail and make it look like an in-house tool.
Collaborate with Co-Workers
Allow your co-workers to add, edit, and maintain points on the map.
Edit with Ease
No reaching out to developers for help. Easily add, edit, and delete points in our friendly user interface.
Get analytics on map viewership
Understand how many people are clicking on your map and each point on your map. More analytics on conversion coming soon!
Share Anywhere
Our maps are simply a link. No app required! Share via text, email, linkinbio, on your website, and more.
Use Our QR codes to Easily Share the Maps on Prints
We create a shareable QR code for you & send it to your email. Print these to make accessing the map easy for everyone! No app required. 
Upload Photos
Add photo galleries or automatically import photos from google images to curate each map pin.
Increased Sustainability
Say goodbye to wasteful, and easily outdated paper maps.

Digital Maps for Real Estate Teams

Showcase your entire portfolio on an interactive map.

Showcase your entire portfolio on an interactive map that will keep your audience engaged and interested.

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Digital Maps for Real Estate Teams
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