Increase sales productivity with Proxi

Supercharge your sales productivity with Proxi Maps – where closing deals becomes the priority, not planning. Elevate your prospecting game with insightful customer record visualization. Effortlessly manage accounts in the field, fine-tune sales routes for optimal efficiency, and ensure everything stays organized and up-to-date with the power of Proxi Maps.

Spend more time with customers and less time on planning with Proxi maps.

Bring customer data to life with visualization

See and understand your customer data with the context of location and proximity - not rows and columns. Visualize accounts, leads, and competitors seamlessly on an interactive map interface. Use Proxi's layered data points to filter, find, and navigate to accounts and prospects with ease. Enhance your account planning and execution by incorporating third-party information seamlessly.

Optimize time in the field

Assist reps in building efficient plans from anywhere – whether at the desk or in the field. Utilize Proxi's route planning capabilities to create schedules and minimize drive time. Onboard reps effectively and enhance results by capturing field notes that keep everyone updated with the latest data and eliminate redundant paperwork by keeping everything organized within Proxi. Enjoy mobile access for quicker decisions on the go.

Key Features

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Visualize Customer Data
Optimize Routes
Capture Field Notes
Layer on 3rd Party Data
Filter and Search Data
Date & Time Attributes
Mobile Friendly
Collaborate in Real Time
Enterprise Accounts
Collaborate with your team with a joint account - align on brand standards across all maps, joint map storage, and improve account privacy.

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Maps for Sales Teams

Analyze your customer data with the context of location - not rows and columns.

Increase sales productivity with Proxi

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