How to Build the Best Trick-or-Treat Map for Your Community!

How to build a Free Trick-or-Treat map for your community!

Melinda Haughey

Melinda Haughey

CTO, Co-Founder

Over here at Proxi, we love Halloween. Halloween events and Trick-or-Treat maps have the power to bring communities together and make for a safe and memorable holiday. In recent years, community leaders have been stepping up to provide these maps to their neighborhoods and communities. Yet we’ve learned (from experience doing this ourselves) that the current best solution — Google Forms and Google My Maps — is really hard to maintain as an admin. See our comparison of Google My Maps, MapMe, and Map Your Idea here. We had 2300 homes on our 2020 Seattle Trick-or-Treat map and to be frank, using Google My Maps was a nightmare.

That's why we built Map Your Idea... to put the power of mapping into communities and their passionate leaders. Your users can view and interact with the map in the same way as Google My Maps! It is easy as can be.

In less than 3 minutes start your FREE map on Map Your Idea (no catches, we promise):

  1. Click "start your map" below
  2. You will be taken Ito the admin portal
  3. In "edit map settings"  feel free to change the categories, descriptions, and icons. You can insert a hex code or any image URL to use as icons.
  4. You will immediately receive an email with a secret admin link for you — you can add, edit, approve, upload, etc points here — and you will receive a sharing link that you can share with your community. On the sharing link, your community can add their homes with descriptions. If approval is turned off, the point will automatically appear on the map. If approval is turned on, you can simply activate the point in your admin panel to have it appear for the public.
    Plus; We do address verification for you! No more updating once a day with Google My Maps.
  5. (optional) Embed your map on your website. In the email from us, you also have an iframe embedding code that easily integrates into websites!
  6. Enjoy Halloween!

Feel free to reach out at if you have any questions! We can also get you set up with a custom URL or host the map on our site if you are interested.

Build your Trick-or-Treat Map now!

Adventure Awaits!

How would you like to plot your course!?