How To Create A Custom "Where You Are From" Map

Bring you and your family's history to life with a "where you are from" map.

Chelsey Roney

Chelsey Roney

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For a moment, imagine you've found the person of your dreams. There's so much you want to share with them, so many future memories just waiting to be made. There's also a part of you that wishes you could fill them in on your whole past, on what makes you, you.

While you can't travel back in time with them, a bespoke interactive map is a wonderful place to start — a personal travel guide to you

There's something special about showing someone - a fiancé, no less - your hometown for the first time. Forget expensive watches and jewelry. Before saying "I do," one beautiful gift you can give your significant other is a memorable and meaningful experience. And what could be more intimate and remarkable than bringing them back to your roots?

To make it more extraordinary, you can prepare a personal map for them so that they have a bird's eye view of the significant places that are relevant to your personal history. It's a wonderful way to involve them in the process of getting to know you, much more interactive than say a conversation over dinner. They can choose where to go, ask as many questions as they like, and make a few changes to the itinerary.

Finally, take it up a notch by turning the trip into a mini-scavenger hunt. You can customize the names of the pins and write clues in their descriptions. All possible with a custom map!

At each pit stop, hide a small keepsake for them to find. If you're not yet engaged, you could put a ring on it at the end! *Swoon* 

Ready to make one last stop before your wedding? Here's how to create a personalized  "Where You Are From" map.   

Love Begins At Home

For the ultimate nostalgia, bring your better half to your childhood home. Surprise them by inviting siblings and cousins on the day of their visit. They'll feel extra special and won't run out of stories about you.

Your parents or other relatives could cook family recipes or town specialties. Show them your old room and all the posters and artwork you used to have.

You could also include in the map a short drive to your best friend's house in the neighborhood. Remember our scavenger-hunt idea? Perhaps you could surprise them with a baby picture as a remembrance of the trip to your childhood home - but not without figuring out the clue from the map and looking for it first! 

The Way To Someone's Heart

At last, your betrothed can taste all your favorite food that was mere legend before. You might want to categorize this as Day 2 on your Proxi map. Set aside an entire day to rediscover your favorite places to eat. Think of all the new, shared memories you two would make in your old cheap thrills and the town's best restaurants. 

Have a riot choosing custom icons (yes, you can do that!) for what's good to eat for breakfast or dinner, what places only serve coffee or drinks, or what's plant-forward or not. You can save time by not having to ask: where to go next? Feel free to take notes from this Guide To Denver

Old Stomping Grounds

Where to start - local attractions first or your personal favorites from the area? Before leaving town, make sure you cover as much ground as possible. You might not be back for a while.

Include in your map must-see parks, shops, biking or hiking trails, and, of course, your old high school. Leave room for new places to scour too. Maybe hit the new library or spa in town before you head back. 

Happy Ending 

Plot twist: your partner returns the favor by planning a trip for you to their hometown, too! You could share a creative presentation of the maps and travel photos with your nearest and dearest on the big day.

Another idea is to map out where you met and the places you've been or lived together and share it in the reception. It would be the perfect conversation starter for your friends who witnessed your relationship. Speaking of guests, look up Proxi's wedding guide here if you plan to have a destination wedding. Best wishes!

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