Proxi (Formerly known as Map Your Idea) Accepted to Techstars Seattle Accelerator

The Proxi Team will spend the next 3 months in intense business-building mode.

Melinda and Chelsey are excited to announce that Proxi (Formerly Map Your Idea) will be part of the newest cohort for the Techstars Seattle Accelerator program.

We were selected among a handful of other companies to become a part of Techstars Seattle. The Proxi Team will spend the next 3 months in intense business-building mode. We’ll be attending workshops, working with mentors, and networking inside Startup Hall near the University of Washington’s campus.

We are most looking forward to spending time building our business among other driven founders who also want to disrupt their respective industries.

What does Proxi do?

Proxi is a simple, easy-to-use collaborative mapping tool. Any individual or business can navigate to our site and create a custom map to populate and immediately share with their sphere of influence.

Businesses, brands, and influencers use it to organize and visualize recommendations for their fans and followers. In our no-code interface, we provide these users with the ability to brand and customize maps — making them look like an in-house tool.

Community leaders use it to gather and share community knowledge via crowdsourcing. We make crowdsourcing geographic content easier than ever.

Our product is cross-platform, meaning you can embed or share the link anywhere your audience/friends are (Facebook, email, website, text, etc.). Each point can have a unique URL, pictures, and map users can get directions. You can also align our maps to your brand.

<iframe src="" width="100%" height="625px" style="border-width: 1px;" allow="geolocation" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Here’s an example map created by the Traveling While Black in Seattle duo.

What other companies are part of this cohort? We’re honored to be working and learning alongside these amazing companies. Check them out!

  • Adaptively Education - Digitized, gamified education with live & group teaching
  • Ecocrumb - An all-in-one software tool to help you easily and accurately manage the environmental + social impacts of your business
  • Edizeven - We provide tech-powered, personalized hiring services for restaurants
  • Foreverly - Our mission is to help people welcome the space to heal after experiencing the death of a loved one
  • Lifeswap - A marketplace where travelers can buy curated + customizable travel itinerary from local travel influencers
  • Rejoicy - Rejoicy is a marketplace for local businesses
  • Rfrd - Self-service tools and studio quality production to source authentic customer videos that drive revenue across the customer journey
  • Seize - Seize is a mobile app that connects people to phototakers. It allows you to make every moment memorable
  • SheMatters - She Matters is a community designed to support Black mothers.
  • Wavelength - Weight loss through improved wellbeing and behavioral neuroscience
  • Ziplunch - Food Ordering Simplified

We’re excited to have you follow along with us!

All our best,

Chelsey & Melinda, Map Your Idea Co-founders

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