Unforgettable Knot-Tying: Exploring Kansas City with Proxi's Wedding Maps

A case study on local maps for out of town wedding guests

Katie McClure

Katie McClure

Director of Marketing

Andrew and Laura McArthur: A Dynamic Duo
Today, we want to cast a spotlight on an extraordinary couple: Andrew and Laura McArthur. Laura's love for her hometown, Kansas City, Missouri, is unparalleled (some might even argue it surpasses her love for Andrew!). It was only natural that they chose this vibrant city as the venue for their wedding. But Laura had a brilliant idea to ensure their guests fell head over heels for KCMO, just like she did. However, with 300 people attending, it wasn't feasible for her to personally give tours of her favorite spots throughout the entire weekend. That's when Proxi came to the rescue!

Unveiling the Essence of Kansas City
Using Proxi, Laura presented the crème de la crème of Kansas City, allowing her guests to navigate the city and, with a stroke of luck, fall deeply in love with KCMO. And guess what? The wedding map turned out to be a resounding success! Throughout the weekend, friends approached Laura and Andrew, expressing their delight with the recommended restaurants and attractions on the map. Laura was overjoyed to have shared a taste of the enchanting KCMO magic with her loved ones. Though she patiently awaits their decision to pack up and move there, she understands that life doesn't always give you everything you desire.

Transforming Wedding Planning
One aspect that endeared Proxi to Laura and Andrew was its ability to visualize their wedding plans and events. "The ability to see the points of interest on a map helped us choose the perfect locations that would be both enjoyable and convenient for our guests," they exclaimed. Moreover, they had an absolute blast playing around with the map, selecting icons, and customizing it with their wedding colors. And if you missed it, Laura's map was a dreamy cascade of ombre blues - truly stunning!

Making Memories
The Proxi team was elated that our platform could help Laura showcase her deep love for Kansas City and ensure an effortless navigation experience for all the wedding guests. Stay tuned for more spotlights in our "Beyond the Map" series as we continue to bring you the most captivating stories from our fantastic community.

Here at Proxi, we understand that maps are not just about directions; they're about uncovering the essence of a place and creating memorable experiences. Through our "Beyond the Map" series, we aim to celebrate the remarkable creators within the Proxi community. Andrew and Laura McArthur's wedding in Kansas City exemplifies the magic that can unfold when technology meets love for a place. Cheers to more exciting mapping adventures and happy exploring!

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