5 Uses for Crowdsourced Maps (+ Free Templates)

Use Proxi's Form Builder To Crowdsource and Collaborate With Your Team and Community.

From urban planning to sales strategies, accurate and up-to-date maps are essential for decision-making and efficient operations. Proxi is a game-changer, combining mapping with crowdsourcing and custom forms for collaboration and data collection.

Harnessing the Crowd: Collaborative Mapping

One of the most compelling features of Proxi is its support for crowdsourcing. Traditional mapping methods often rely on centralized data collection, which can be time-consuming and costly. Proxi revolutionizes this approach by enabling collaboration directly on the map, enabling a simple but powerful global network of users. Users can add map points and share data in real-time, improving maps with important information from different viewpoints.

Custom Forms: Tailored Data Collection

Proxi's form builder allows users to collect and map data for different purposes. These include field surveys, environmental data collection, and organizing information for local events. The online forms can be customized to meet the specific needs of users within the Proxi platform. These forms can include a variety of data types, such as text fields, dropdown menus, and photo uploads, allowing for comprehensive data collection.

Proxi Forms also supports conditional logic. This tool lets users make forms that change based on how questions are answered, making it easier for respondents to use. With Logic, respondents only see the questions that are pertinent to them. This personalized approach not only enhances the user experience but also boosts completion rates by ensuring a smoother and more engaging interaction - generating more data for your map.

The Proxi Difference:

Here are five examples showcasing the versatility and impact of Proxi and our collaboration functions:

Sales Territory Maps:

Proxi is the perfect sales territory mapping software. Sales teams find value in visualizing customer data spatially, streamlining their cumbersome spreadsheets into dynamic maps. Sales reps can effortlessly update sales opportunities, territory plans, and leads directly within Proxi. With real-time updates, reps can update field notes and managers gain insights and easily visualize the impact their teams are making.

Use this template to build your sales territory map 

Community Feedback:

Gathering and organizing community feedback becomes a breeze with Proxi. Enable your community members to provide feedback and pinpoint their concerns directly on a map. Explore how organizations like the Central Park Conservatory utilize Proxi to process community feedback and identify opportunities for improvement around the park.

Use this template to build your community feedback map.

powered by Proxi

Community Events:

From neighborhood art walks to garage sale maps, Proxi makes planning community events easy. Event organizers can create maps and customize an online form to enable vendors to easily add themselves and their information. Saving event organizers time and headaches. Explore how Phinneywood utilized Proxi to showcase participant locations for their annual yard sale.

Use this template to build your neighborhood event map.

powered by Proxi

Crowdsourced Content:

User-created content has significant influence in the current digital environment. Use Proxi to harness the thoughts and suggestions of your audience for compelling blog articles and content platforms. Sites such as 6am City employ Proxi for their 'Best Of' initiatives. They allow their audience to recommend their top spots for the best pizza in the city.

Events & Holiday Celebrations:

Proxi's ability to crowdsource information makes it a perfect partner for festivities and holidays. Proxi was created in 2020 during the pandemic when founder, Melinda, made a map for trick-or-treating in her neighborhood. Since then, Proxi has developed to enable users to collectively gather a wide range of holiday-related data. With the collective contribution from your informed community, Proxi guarantees a smooth mapping of holiday festivities.

Use this template to build your trick or treat map.

With Proxi’s community-driven approach and online form builder, it's more than just a mapping tool – it's a platform for collaboration and innovation. From sales strategies to community events, Proxi empowers users to gather insights, make informed decisions, and create meaningful connections.

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