The Fastest Way To Build A Custom Interactive Map

Map making was a tedious process of uploading pin locations. Those days are over thanks to this chrome extension.

Melinda Haughey

Melinda Haughey

CTO, Co-Founder

Creating an interactive map requires you to compile a list of locations and any relevant information you want to include and then add points one by one, like when making an event map. Building an interactive map is fun, but adding points might be slow and tiresome for others. Not many interactive map makers let you quickly save new locations, such as those you discover while you browse your phone or laptop. 

Let's say your buddy sends you an email recommending a fantastic new restaurant; you'd either have to rely on your memory or interrupt your day to log into a map-making application and add the address. 

The good news is that you now just need four clicks to add a new location from any website using Proxi's Chrome extension.

How To Install The Proxi Chrome Extension

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Make sure you're using the Google Chrome browser;
  2. Go to Proxi's extension listing here
  3. Click Add To Chrome on the upper right part of the page, and you're good to go!

How To Use The Proxi Extension To Add Pins To A Map

Suppose you're planning a trip to all of Arizona's natural attractions. You've found this excellent website for places to visit in Arizona. It shows everything - from the Sonoran desert to Flagstaff and, of course, the Grand Canyon. You're building this Proxi interactive map for the journey. Now, instead of opening a new tab and logging on to Proxi to input each place, you can go ahead and highlight, for example, Saguaro National Park.

When you right-click on that location, there will be an option to Add to Proxi Map. If you have an existing Proxi map, add to that one, or you can create a new map. And that's it! Feel free to write or paste descriptions if you're not in a hurry. 

Tips For Using The Proxi Extension

Proxi's Chrome extension works virtually on any website you're viewing via the Google Chrome browser. But here are more tips so you can maximize this feature: 

  1. The extension works best when the address has the city and state in it;
  2. The extension work in Google search results (including Google Maps), so you can quickly build a curated list of results;
  3. The extension can also work if you access your webmail in Google Chrome. This can help you add friend addresses or prospect locations using a work email;
  4. You can also use the Chrome extension in other listing services, like Yelp, TripAdvisor, or Alltrails. This can be a game changer for making a list of restaurants to try, hiking trails, or other bucket list maps; and
  5. Go to your business home page or locations page, quickly add every branch or store location and build a business map.


One user of the Chrome extension describes it as " just like adding pictures to boards on Pinterest!". The only difference is that you add points to your Proxi map from anywhere on the web, not just one app or website. The world is yours to map!

So when you stumble upon a new hiking trail or find a new neighborhood to take your kids for trick-or-treating, just highlight, right-click, and add to map! Move over "add to cart", "add to map" is the new thing now.   

Start building a travel map with your friends now!

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