Mapping Tools For Businesses: How To Pick The Right One?

Can your customers find you? Mapping tools have become a popular ways for businesses to highlight store locations and improve their SEO.

You're the proud owner of your town's newest cafe. You take pride in going against the grain, as seen in your moody and stylish interiors. Every other coffee shop in your town went for the same earthy color scheme and apparently identical offerings. Your hard work and ingenuity paid off, and you're now expanding to different locations. A well-meaning friend advised you to solidify your lead and following with mapping tools.

How can mapping tools for business support you? To start, customers can quickly look at how many branches you have and which ones are closest to them on an embeddable interactive map. When they click on a pin, they can immediately see the store's location information and location hours. 

They won't have to search everywhere on your website, which can turn away even the most patient of customers. And make no mistake: interactive maps go beyond addresses and phone numbers. Customers can leave glowing reviews right there on the store pin, encouraging future patrons and potentially growing your community. 

How Maps Help Businesses

Mapping For Awareness

It should come as no surprise that a business mapping tool will display all of your store locations. Here are more suggestions for creating an outstanding location listing.

Show off the sleek design of your storefront by uploading a photo of it in the point information. Still have more pictures from the grand opening? You also have the option to share more photos. 

People ask coffee shops and other businesses all the time: "do you have parking?" Indicate whether or not you have a private parking lot or if they are permitted to park on the road and some nearby streets. One of the biggest turn-offs for customers is a lack of parking options and public transportation directions.  

Key amenities such as free Wi-Fi, tasty food and drink selections, and events or experiences increase customer satisfaction and make a lasting impression. Be sure to include special offerings in your listing. 

Mapping For SEO

You produce information that is "crawlable" or discoverable by search engines when you utilize solutions like Google My Business and Proxi. These are often called citations. Using a mapping tool to create improved SEO rankings requires consistency in using your company's NAP (name, address, phone number).

This includes the choice of abbreviation to be used for each listing. For consistency, do not shorten "Road" to "Rd" if you have spelled it out in a previous area. Always provide a description of the services offered at your shop as well as the business hours.

Mapping For Engagement

One common strategy for reaching out to consumers and establishing a name in the local scene is through event marketing. An interactive map is an ideal approach to draw attention to these events and make sure everyone knows when and where to be. Perhaps cafes in your hometown can organize a "Coffee Walk" similar to the Bothell Kenmore Wine Walk

How To Pick The Right Mapping Tool For Your Business

Although many options exist, organizations would be well to take a few factors into account when making their mapping tool selection.

Custom Branding

A company's brand is its lifeblood. Any map you create should have a distinct design and feel that reflects your brand. It's a golden opportunity to spread awareness of your company!

Your coffee shop is big on originality. When you invite people to visit your website, instead of the usual static map, show them a Proxi interactive map where your store icons are your custom-made logos. You may modify the look of anything from the color scheme to the banner and even the image preview. Your Proxi-generated map will appear like it was made just for your company.


Customers get frustrated when they click a link only to find out they need to download a new app. The maps you provide should be easily accessible from any location. 

With a Proxi map, you can embed or put a customized URL on your website without worrying about your customers not accessing the interactive map. Put a QR code on printed materials around your coffee shop to direct people to the map.

Provides Feedback

Every company worth its salt will want to know whether its mapping tools provide a positive return. Having data is the only way to find out. Make sure the mapping tool you choose includes information on how clients use it. You can learn more about their preferences, how to keep them engaged, and the value of your efforts this way.

Proxi provides weekly updates and map insights so business owners may check the number of map views and the top ten most viewed spots; this offers users insight into how customers engage with your interactive map. The weekly email includes an As Seen On Social, Product Updates, and Weekly Tips section.

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