8 Best Map Making Tools: Which is the right tool for you?

Create an interactive map for free with these online map making tools. We look at pros and cons of the top 8 custom map makers.

January 29, 2023

Maps serve as a guide through unfamiliar territory and a window into the world beyond. While Google Earth and Google Maps are undoubtedly useful, they aren't the only options. If you're interested in how to make an interactive map, we've compiled a list of 8 fantastic interactive map makers you can use for free (up to a certain point). The variety of map styles shown here should certainly be suitable for your project as they vary from easily shareable maps to highly interactive ones.

Sophisticated MapBox

MapBox's mapping platform became available to designers and developers in 2013. Since then, people, parcels, and cars worldwide have used Mapbox for navigation. Big companies like Facebook, Uber, and Microsoft all utilize Mapbox. 

Using Mapbox, you can either make a completely unique map or utilize one of their out-of-the-box templates to get you started. MapBox is designed for developers working with accurate location data or real-time data display and is valuable for those who wish to manage fleets or display traffic conditions in real time.

A free plan is accessible for developers, while a monthly cost of $50 is needed to access the paid essential plan. If you want assistance from Mapbox through email support or a product specialist, the monthly fee approaches $500. 

In Your Comfort Zone With My Maps

My Maps is a Google Maps spinoff that's not well recognized, although it allows users to experience making their own basic maps using a computer or an Android phone or tablet.

My Maps' minimalistic style is reminiscent of other Google products and is a free online mapping tool accessible to everybody with a Google account. The app's consistency with the Google brand makes it intuitive even for first-time map makers.

My Maps is helpful if you just need basic functionality and want to pin areas in a hurry, and you may also design your version and pin specific locations yourself. The only drawbacks are the restricted functionality and the limited number of places the user may pin on each layer.

Participate With Proxi

With Proxi, people can work together to create interactive maps - friends, customers, and website visitors can add pins, simplifying the arduous data collection process. You can embed or share the map in a multitude of ways, including by QR code. As locations may be events, you can configure them to expire once an event has occurred, removing the pin from the map.

With Proxi Basic's free features, anybody can start creating an interactive map and share it. While Proxi Teams, which costs $299 per month, you can have access to more sophisticated tools to enhance collaborative mapping for a workplace. Avail yourself of mid-range features with Proxi Starter ($9) and Proxi Pro ($29). 

Vivid Visuals With Visme

Creating a custom map from scratch might be a daunting prospect. Visme is big on data visualization and provides you with a few different basic map templates to use as a jumping-off point. Create a world map or get one for your location and thoroughly modify it to suit your brand and subject matter.

Visme's templates are fully customizable, so you may make anything exactly as you want it. The first five maps you download are completely free. The pricing for Visme's Personal plan is $12.25 per month.

Spreadsheet-Friendly Zeemaps

Even if the overall designs are rather restricted, ZeeMaps stands out from other online map makers since it provides more technical functionality than most of its competitors. Spreadsheets may be imported into ZeeMaps and shown as the map's foundation layer. Monthly Basic (free), Professional ($19.95), and Enterprise ($99.95) plans are available. 

MapMe Is Made For Industries

Residential real estate, commercial real estate, nonprofit organizations, live or virtual events, virtual campus tours, and arts, culture, and events are just a few industries that utilize MapMe. 

In the real estate, government, and tourism industries, MapMe shines. The ability to swiftly and efficiently exchange property details with customers in the real estate industry is crucial for successful deals. You can also make interactive travel guides and itineraries or provide post-trip wrap-ups with MapMe. Like Visme, the first five maps are complimentary, and paid plans start at $24 per month. 

See Clearly With Scribble Maps

In addition to creating maps, users of Scribble Maps may share their creations with the world by posting them online, embedding them in documents, or printing them. This service is unlike any other because of the high-resolution images that can be downloaded and printed out.

Custom photos, text, markers, and the ability to draw shapes, measure distance, and export to PDF are also just some of the many features of this handy program. Because of its application programming interface (API), programmers and content creators may integrate Scribble Maps' elements into their projects and websites. Up to five maps with restricted functionality are available for free. Scribble Maps professional plans cost between $14 to $90 per month.

Google Maps Complement Maptive

The data and capabilities of Google Maps are seamlessly integrated into Maptive, allowing for a wide range of customization options. Enhance your maps using geographical information from Google Maps, such as satellite images, real-time traffic, street views, and more. Perhaps the most expensive on the list, Maptive maps require $250 for a 45-day pass and  $2,500 per year for teams. 

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