Unlocking Marketing Success with Proxi's Passport Challenges

Passport Challenges hold the potential to attract new visitors and encourage locals to explore their communities.

Katie McClure

Katie McClure

Director of Marketing

In the hospitality and tourism industries, digital passports have emerged as one of the fastest growing trends, replacing traditional paper passport booklets with dynamic, immersive, and engaging marketing strategies. These digital passports encompass gamified tours, passes, and challenges, revolutionizing the way destinations are explored and experienced.

By gamifying travel experiences and incentivizing both travelers and locals to engage with their surroundings based on their interests, digital passports offer unique and captivating opportunities. They not only create engaging experiences but also increase foot traffic, leading to lasting economic impact.

In this article, we will delve into the transformative power of Proxi's Passport Challenges and explore how they can captivate visitors and yield measurable results.

Introducing Proxi’s Passport Challenges  

Proxi’s Passport Challenge revolutionizes the exploration of destinations (be it a neighborhood, city, chamber, region, or state)  through gamified check-ins. Participants embark on curated trails, digitally checking in at each location, and earning virtual badges, redeemable rewards, and exciting prizes.

With engaging real-time leaderboards and enticing redeemable rewards, Passport Challenges offer immersive opportunities that mobilize both locals and tourists to actively engage with the destination. 

Moreover, these challenges provide a platform to educate your audience about your offerings. They provide tourists with insights into the destination's attractions while encouraging locals to rediscover their hometown with fresh eyes. These experiences not only increase foot traffic but also stimulate economic growth, fostering public interest in your marketing strategies.

The Proxi Passport Challenge Advantage

Now that we understand what Passport Challenges entail, let's explore the distinctive features that set Proxi's solution apart.

Time Efficient and User Friendly

Proxi Passport Challenge is designed with your time in mind. Setting up your challenge takes only 45 minutes, and our intuitive, no-code platform eliminates the need for complex technical skills or extensive training. 

Our maps are just a link, no download or app required! This also allows our tool to be the perfect addition to your marketing campaigns - share on your website, social media, email newsletters, and even print media via a QR code. 

Robust Analytics

Our robust analytics portal empowers you to measure marketing results effortlessly. Get updates in real time, anytime. Track traffic, engagement, and ROI instantly. Sharing these insights with key stakeholders not only sparks public interest in your strategy but also opens avenues for sponsorship and new revenue streams.

Measurable Economic Impact 

Curated tours and experiences establish a network of local attractions, driving visitors' interest. This uplifts businesses and generates sales within the community, significantly benefiting the local economy. 

Effortless Promotion 

In today's digital era, effective promotion is pivotal. Promoting your Passport Challenge across your website, social media, email campaigns, newsletters, and even print media via QR codes ensures comprehensive outreach. The link-based nature of our Passports facilitates your partners and participating businesses to join the excitement by promoting across their marketing channels as well.

Total brand control

Proxi Passports can be seamlessly customized to reflect your unique brand identity. Tailor each Passport Challenge to harmonize with your brand's personality, delivering a unified experience that mirrors an in-house creation.

Flexible Pricing Options

At Proxi, we believe in providing exceptional value without breaking the bank. Choose from our annual plan at $299 per month (billed annually) for a comprehensive package with all the features you need. Alternatively, opt for the month-to-month plan at $399 per month for more flexibility. Whichever plan you choose, Proxi Passport Challenge guarantees exceptional value for your investment

Inspiring Use Cases 

With a grasp of the benefits of passports, let's highlight a few ways to employ Proxi Passport Challenges for your destination:

City Sights Passes  

Bring your destination to life through exploration-focused challenges. Craft engaging experiences that encourage participants to uncover landmarks, capture captivating photos, and delve into local anecdotes beyond guidebooks.

Ale Trails 

Celebrate destinations with vibrant craft beer scenes by designing an ale trail challenge. Lead participants through a journey of flavors and hops, introducing them to local favorites and seasonal delights.

Digital Tour Guide 

Tell the story of your community through history tours featuring important landmarks and places, providing visitors with insights into your destination's past. 

Scavenger Hunts

Organize enjoyable team-building activities by guiding participants on a discovery-driven adventure across your locality, fostering a sense of wonder and camaraderie.

Restaurant Week Events 

Elevate your culinary scene with a challenge for your local restaurant week. Incentivize and engage participants to embark on culinary excursions throughout the week.

Ready to take the next step? 

Passport Challenges hold the potential to attract new visitors and encourage locals to explore their communities. From historical walks to brewery explorations, the options are limitless and easier to initiate than you might think.

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