A Proxi-Powered Guide to Seattle Restaurant Week

With Proxi, Seattle Restaurant Week isn't just directing diners; they're tracking the impact.

Katie McClure

Katie McClure

Director of Marketing

Seattle Restaurant Week invites Seattle foodies to dive into the city's diverse culinary landscape. For two weeks, diners can explore curated menus spanning a range of dining spots, celebrating the craft and resilience of Seattle's culinary community. Organized by the Seattle Good Business Network and Good Food Economy program, this event isn't just about dining; it's a chance to back local businesses and bolster our local economy.

At the heart of Seattle Restaurant Week lies an interactive map powered by Proxi, designed to enhance event navigation for diners. Proxi streamlines the exploration process, making it easier than ever to discover Seattle's culinary gems and book reservations.

With Proxi's user-friendly interface, diners can effortlessly navigate the map, filtering restaurants by cuisine, price points, dining options, dietary preferences, and more. Restaurants pouring Columbia Crest Wines, the event sponsor, receive special visibility, enticing diners to explore their offerings

Previously, Seattle Restaurant Week relied on website listicles to inform diners about available options. Now, with Proxi, they've added a crucial decision-making factor: proximity. By empowering diners to not only discover restaurants that match their preferences but also ones conveniently located, Seattle Restaurant Week boosts conversions and fuels the event's success, thereby increasing revenue for local restaurants and fortifying the local economy.

Why Proxi? Because it's more than just a map – it's a game-changer. With Proxi, Seattle Restaurant Week isn't just directing diners; they're tracking the impact. Proxi seamlessly integrates with direct booking and reservation systems, allowing Seattle Restaurant Week to monitor conversions and track foot traffic. By leveraging Proxi's analytics capabilities, Seattle Restaurant Week gains invaluable insights into the event's economic impact, effortlessly sharing these results with stakeholders. Plus, Proxi is entirely no-code, making it exceptionally easy to build and update the map throughout the event.

So, grab your fork, and let's dig in – because Seattle Restaurant Week, powered by Proxi, isn't just about food. It's about community, flavor, and supporting the awesome folks who make Seattle taste so darn good. See you at the table!

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