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Dive into the coastal charm of the 34th Annual Arcata Bay Oyster Festival, where the Pacific breeze pairs perfectly with the freshest oysters around! This year's festival is set to be the best yet, featuring live music from local bands across two stages, a vibrant array of food and artisan vendors, and countless activities. The Arcata Bay Oyster Festival is more than just an event - it's a celebration of community, flavor, and fun. Navigating this bustling festival has never been easier, thanks to the Arcata Oyster Festival Map, powered by Proxi. 

With this interactive guide at your fingertips, attendees can effortlessly plan your festival experience, from sampling local brews to exploring the Kid Zone and VIP lounge. And for the adventurous, join in the Oyster Calling contest or test your skills in the Shuck & Swallow Competition. The Arcata Oyster Festival Map ensures you won't miss a beat, a bite, or a sip. 

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The Arcata Bay Chamber of Commerce embraced this feature to beautifully brand their event—check out their field and center water fountain! Image overlays not only enhance the visual appeal but also provide prime spots for showcasing event sponsors, making every detail of your event shine.

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Check out Arcata Bay's event website at:

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