Crowdsource Your Wedding Photos with These Tips

Looking to crowdsource your wedding photos? Learn how wedding guests can snap candid photos and easily upload them with Proxi.

Are you looking for a unique way to capture your wedding day's beautiful and sentimental moments? Learn how to crowdsource wedding photos!

Crowdsourcing can help you collect as many memories of your special day as possible. And it can cut the expense of a professional photographer. No wonder crowdsourcing wedding photos has rapidly grown in popularity among couples preparing to say, “I do.”

However, you’ll need to plan to get the best results from crowdsourcing. To help ensure you’ll enjoy your photos long after your big day, we're sharing the tips and tricks you need to know for successfully crowdsourcing your wedding photos.

Wedding Photography vs. Crowdsourcing

In the past, couples had to rely solely on professional photographers to capture their wedding day's memorable moments, which typically consisted of only the ceremony and staged family photos.

Unfortunately, professional wedding photographers can be expensive, ranging from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. Last year, wedding photographers charged, on average, $2,600 to cover an event.

With crowdsourcing, couples can extend their reach to collect more emotional and candid photographs from their guests, including people getting ready and snapshots from the reception and the after-party. And it costs significantly less.

What are the benefits of crowdsourcing wedding photos?

There are many benefits to inviting your guests to take and share photos with you.

  • See your wedding from various angles and perspectives to relive every moment.
  • Gain memories of your special day that a professional photographer may have missed.
  • Have access to more photos at a lower cost than a professional.
  • Create a sense of community among your guests as they contribute to the celebration by taking pictures.

What are the challenges with crowdsourcing?

Couples need to be prepared for the potential challenges of crowdsourcing photos.

  • The resulting photos may vary in quality
  • Clear instructions to your guests are a must to ensure they take the right pictures and upload them to the correct place.
  • Avoid a random photo dump by choose an online app or tool that helps sort and organize the photos.

How to Crowdsource Your Wedding Photos

With planning and preparation, you easily can overcome the challenges of crowdsourcing your wedding photos for an enjoyable viewing experience after your special day. Capture your special day from every angle by following these simple steps.

Choose a Photo-Sharing App

Collect and organize photos from your wedding guests on a platform that’s straightforward to use and encourages sharing. Photo-sharing apps make it easier than ever to crowdsource your wedding photos.  Guests can share their favorite moments from the day in one centralized location.

Here are some of the most popular photo-sharing apps that you can use to crowdsource your wedding photos.

  • Snap
  • WedPics
  • Proxi
  • Capsule
  • Wedding Party
  • Guest Shots
  • AppilyWed

Encourage Guests to Upload Photos

Before the big day, communicate your crowdsourcing plan with your guests. Let them know you’d love for them to take photos throughout the ceremony and reception.

Provide your guests with details on how to share those photos with you. For example, share links to your photo-sharing app and display your wedding hashtag. Or you can supply disposable cameras or set up a photo booth.

Set Up a Wedding Hashtag

Follow this step-by-step guide to set up a memorable wedding hashtag that’s simple for guests to use.

  1. Brainstorm words and phrases related to your names and wedding details
  2. Make it user-friendly by avoiding difficult spelling and by capitalizing each word
  3. Decide on a couple of choices and try them out with family and friends
  4. Check if the hashtag is available or barely used
  5. Display your hashtag on stationary, signs, and all social media posts

Provide a Photo Booth

Guests love photo booths! Setting one up at the reception will undoubtedly encourage photo-taking and humorous results.

Several different types of photo booths work well at weddings.

  • Classic Photo Booth
  • Open-Air Photo Booth
  • Mirror Photo Booth
  • Roaming Photo Booth
  • GIF Photo Booth

Before renting a photo booth, consider the size and the quality of the photos. Ask for customizable backdrops and props to fit your wedding theme. Also, inquire about the booth's availability, delivery, setup options, rental price, and additional fees.

Create an Effective Seating Chart

When planning the seating chart for your wedding reception, be mindful of how it will affect photo-taking by following these tips.

  • Seat your immediate family and the wedding party at a table closest to the head table
  • Place older guests closer to the entrance for easier access to photo-taking
  • Assemble tables in a U-shape or circle the dance floor
  • Position the head table facing toward the guests' tables

How to Use Proxi to Crowdsource Wedding Photos

Proxi allows you to capture and organize your memories on a personalized wedding map that tells the story of your special event. Plus, with a few simple steps, you can use Proxi to crowdsource your wedding photos!

  1. Before your big day, design a wedding map of all the significant locations related to your event.
  2. Along with your invitation, share a link to this map with your guests.
  3. Provide instructions on how guests can use your wedding map to document their trip.
  4. Explain and encourage guests to upload the photos they’ve captured directly to your wedding map.
  5. Upload your honeymoon memories to the map.

Learn how your wedding guests can snap candid photos and easily upload them with Proxi by getting started with this free and easy wedding template.

Summing Up Crowdsourcing Wedding Photos

The growing trend of crowdsourcing wedding photos allows couples to get a more inclusive view of their big day, save money on photography, and encourage guests to play a role in their special day.

Crowdsource your wedding photos by using a photo-sharing app and a custom hashtag. To encourage picture-taking, consider providing a photo booth and be mindful when creating a seating chart.  After the wedding, thank your guests by letting them know how much the photos mean to you.

With the proper planning and preparation, crowdsourcing wedding photos can provide an unforgettable and unique perspective on your wedding day and beautiful, lasting memories you can cherish for years.

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