How do I make interactive maps for free with Proxi?

Proxi's no code map software makes it easy to create custom maps

Chelsey Roney

Chelsey Roney

CEO, Co-Founder

Getting started with Proxi's map maker is easy! You don't have to be a programmer or a designer to create your customized map. Proxi offers simple map creation with no coding required as well as custom templates that provide design styles relevant to your needs for pleasing data visualization.

Create an interactive map using your own template or custom map templates

For map building, we all have our preferences when it comes to presenting geographic data points. You can click on "Start your free map now" if you want to start with a blank map. Otherwise, click on "Start with a Template" to get started with custom map templates to choose from.

Map Template Examples:

  • Blank Template - custom map for a unique use case
  • Bloggers - embed a map of your favorite things in blogs and vlogs to help your fans find and visit
  • Group Travel - collaborate with friends to create your ultimate travel guide
  • Area Guide - enhance guides and blogs with an interactive experience
  • Holiday Lights Map - build your custom holiday lights map
  • Trick-or-Treat Map - build your trick-or-trick map
  • Wedding Guide - location guide for guests to venues and nearby places they might want to explore before the wedding
  • Bucket List - create your very own map of where you have gone and where you want to go

After picking your preferred map template, you will be prompted to choose the name of the map you are creating and the map center.

Provide key map details

Select the location you would like to visually center your map on. You can also edit this later on to make sure the location-based markers are visible to your users.

Next, make sure to provide your working email address which will be associated with your "Admin Portal." You will be emailed links to the admin and public versions of your map. If you do not provide a working email address, you will not be able to access your admin portal later.

Proxi Admin Portal

The Proxi Admin Portal allows you to edit the branding of your map and add interactive map points. This is where you will have full control of the map you just created including how you want to share your map with others and how to embed it to a website.

Add categories to your map

First, add categories to your map. These are the categories to group your map points by. Map viewers will be able to filter map points based on these categories. Each category can be labeled with a custom icon or a dot with a color of your choosing.

Start adding locations to your map

From here, you can add map points by address or lat/long and decide what category it falls into. You can add a custom title to each map point.

You may associate a custom URL to each map point. These might be links to content you've already created or the location's website. Affiliate links can even be used in this space. This works perfectly for those who are monetizing their maps by promoting places they have been to.

There is a description box available for 1000 characters where you can add commentary. This is an excellent way to leave notes, contact information, or highlights of the recommended place, food, drink, and likes.

Finally, hit submit and there you can see a map pin associated with the point you just added. You can now share your very own custom map with your friends, family, and fans.

Customize your map in other ways

You can also customize your map by:

Share your map

After you're done customizing and adding points to your map, it's time to share! You can either share a version of the map that allows for others to add points to the map as well or a 'read only' version of the map. Furthermore, you can embed the map on your website with a simple iframe.

Gather map analytics

Check out how many people have viewed your map and how many people have viewed each map point. More map analytics to be provided shortly! These analytics are useful in understanding where map viewers are most interested in actually going and especially useful in creating media kits for location based sponsorship.

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