4 Proxi Viral Maps [+ How To Make Your Own]

Want to get more traffic to your website? Here are examples of Proxi users that went viral with their interactive map and their strategy!

Chelsey Roney

Chelsey Roney

CEO, Co-Founder

You don't have to use the hottest social platform or commit any public faux pas to go viral. Providing a simple solution to a problem is all it takes to get widespread attention. Users of Proxi have experienced great success in creating viral maps, for example. 

Proxi Maps The Went Viral

Trick Or Treating During COVID

They say never underestimate the power of women. Two Seattle mothers, Chelsey Roney and Melinda Haughey, proved this saying right. They founded the mapping service Proxi and believe it or not, trick-or-treating served as their inspiration. 

Haughey saw families constructing candy chutes and other trick-or-treating alternatives on social media at the height of the pandemic. This inspired her to improvise and create a map where anyone can highlight their Covid-safe home.

The map eventually included 2,300 residences in Seattle, had a whopping half a million views, and was shown on local TV as well as Good Morning America. Haughey and Roney decided to create Proxi in response to user requests for more mapping options, and Proxi made its debut in the autumn of 2021.

Formula Shortage

More on resourcefulness: baby formula was in limited supply when Abbott Nutrition recalled its products in February, and Marcela Young made it her mission to help alleviate the situation. Houston-based consultant Marcela recalled that one of her old classmates had started Proxi, a firm that allows users to make interactive maps online. She instantly grasped that maps might provide her with a means of assisting others. Young published the "Fighting the Formula Shortage" map.

The Proxi-hosted map is accessible from any tablet, smartphone, or computer. It allows users to add any location on the planet and categorize it as "milk bank, "formula in-store," "need breast milk," "can donate breast milk," "can donate formula," and "need formula." For example, when you click on a green baby bottle, the icon for "can donate formula," you'll either see a contact email or a message on how to receive the formula. There are those willing to donate from as far as Europe - faith in humanity restored.   

Traveling While Black

With their YouTube channel "Traveling While Black in Seattle," Marlie and Anthony Love highlight inclusive destinations in the Pacific Northwest. More than 119 episodes strong, the Loves' YouTube series "Traveling While Black in Seattle" provides a detailed assessment of each place based on several factors, including how welcoming it is to black tourists, how much fun visitors can expect to have there, and how safe the area is overall.

Their channel provides much-needed information to Black individuals in the Pacific Northwest who are seeking welcoming neighborhoods to call home and things to do. Roughly 5,000 people have subscribed to The Loves, and their videos have over 143,009 views. They've also gotten much attention for their work on social media sites like TikTok and Instagram. They've generated an interactive map detailing their travels and recommendations for dining, sightseeing, and outdoor recreation in each location, in addition to the couple's other media outlets. 

Murals Of Everett

As part of "Going All City NW," a four-day event in Everett, thirty murals were painted on the city's walls. Over the course of four days, between September 22 and September 26, 2022, over 150 graffiti artists from the United States and Mexico created murals. They brought life to unremarkable structures and neglected lanes. This was the largest gathering of its sort ever held in WA state.

What's cool about this map is that aside from showing locations for existing murals and live mural paintings, it also has map points for hospitals (in case of emergencies) and food trucks - must-haves for anyone wanting to create their own interactive event map. Click here to see the interactive map of all the murals throughout Everett.

Bostonians also gathered to honor the installation of nine new murals across the city. The Transformative Public Art Program, which has a budget of over $1 million, is now in its third year.

Check out this map and plot a cultural jaunt around Boston to take in all the city's latest public artworks.

Steps To Making Your Own Viral Map

Find A Cause Or Need

In November, more people look up "food pantries" or "food banks" online. Why not create a map showing where people can give and receive food, as Marcela Young did for the "Fighting the Formula Shortage" map? Perhaps highlighting the locations of food bank donation boxes in public places like universities, businesses, and apartment complexes will inspire more people to give away their extra food. A second option is to pinpoint the location of a soup kitchen or food bank that provides healthy meals to the community.

According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the world's food production is sufficient to meet all its inhabitants' needs. It's not a supply issue but rather a distribution one. You can assist by ensuring people get the answers they need quickly and easily. This distribution problem will need the combined efforts of government, corporations, organizations, and individuals.

Each location on the map may have more information added to it in the descriptions, such as the languages spoken there, if there are income or other qualifying conditions for receiving food, and whether an appointment is required. You may also detail their services, such as whether or not they accept or provide dry goods or ready-to-eat meals. You may also mention whether they need groceries, monetary gifts, or additional volunteers.

Create Your Map

Proxi makes creating maps simple. Pins may be added individually, using the Chrome extension, or in bulk via the spreadsheet upload. One helpful trick is to divide the places into distinct groups using categories and custom icons. Increase your map's virality by inviting others to contribute. 

Promote Your Map

If you've finished making your map, it's time to share it with the world! Have Proxi host it, or host it yourself and embed it on your website for your visitors.

Promoting your map might be as simple as posting it on Facebook or as involved as posting it to subreddits or emailing it to local journalists. 

Start Building a Custom Map!

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