Become A Super Host: Maps For Vacation Rentals

If you run a vacation rental or Airbnb, then you play host all the time. Here is the easiest way to make digital guidebooks for guests.

Katie McClure

Katie McClure

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Superhosts can provide a printed or digital visitor handbook detailing their property and surrounding area, including a list of local eateries and shopping areas. This sets the tone that guests should enjoy themselves and get to know the city that they are in.

Providing guests with a QR code or a link to an interactive map in your handbook is a fantastic way to make a guest’s trip more special. If you want visitors to have the best possible experience, consider giving them a customized map of exciting sites to see and visit, as well as nearby eateries. A map of the most romantic places to visit knowing that a couple is coming to stay in your home is the perfect touch for those hoping for a sweet getaway.

It's an easy approach to let the guests know they're appreciated. Visitors who feel you care about them will appreciate your additional effort to make them feel at home and are more likely to recommend your business. Keep in mind that many of your visitors likely rented your short-term rental because they wanted a more customized experience than they would get at a chain hotel. Interactive maps play a key role in making that possible.

Why Give Your Rental Guests A Map

Guests are more likely to book with you if you have a high rating on vacation rental listing sites, so being a super host will be in your best interest. You can raise your prices in response to the increased demand.

Achieving the "super host" status requires constant 5-star reviews from guests and setting yourself apart from your 4 million competitors. You can accomplish this by providing a remarkable experience. Here's where you'd need an accommodation map.

It's a fantastic idea for vacation rental owners to provide visitors with a link to an interactive map. It would be a tremendous competitive advantage and a way to support local establishments or projects.

What To Include On Your Custom Map

Your Vacation Rental

Display your location on the interactive map so visitors can gauge travel time to nearby points of interest and plan their return routes.

There's room in the point description for further information, so feel free to include details like directions and parking information. This information will put visitors more at ease about their stay.

Favorite Restaurants

Create an interactive map of your favorite establishments, including restaurants, cafés, bakeries, dessert stores, marketplaces, roadside stands, and even Michelin-starred establishments. Don't forget to highlight the establishment's selling points, such as its attractive outside terrace, proximity to public transportation, or selection of locally produced items.

Famous Tourist Spots

Although it may seem cliche, every city has its share of must-see landmarks for guests. These locations have attracted visitors for decades, if not centuries, due to their long histories. Places of worship, archaeological digs, and medieval fortresses all fall within this category. 

Be sure to also include in your interactive map unique landmarks that guests can't find anyplace else. Most of the time, they can't be placed in a standard tourist book category because they are unusual or offbeat. They'll give your guests stunning souvenir photos and fascinating accounts to tell. 

Hidden Gems

Do you know of any hidden gems that are well worth the trip? If so, be sure to inform your guest through your interactive map. Their journey will be one for the books because of the new knowledge they will gain.

Share the most incredible treks, speakeasy bars, hole-in-wall restaurants frequented by locals, and other hidden gems! Discovering the city via its hidden jewels - from cafes and movie theaters to bookstores and boutiques - is one of the best ways for visitors to experience it "like a local."

Don't be afraid to let your guests embrace the chance to mix with the locals. The best part of using Airbnb instead of a hotel is that you get to act as a tour guide for your guests. Give your out-of-town visitors the inside scoop on the must-see attractions in your neighborhood that the tourist brochures won't tell them about.

Local Services

Include essential local services on your interactive map. Banks, medical clinics, hospitals, police stations, pharmacies, supermarkets, convenience shops, beauty salons, laundromats, and dry cleaners are all examples of businesses that fall under this category.

List Other Airbnb Experiences

Including Airbnb experiences in your interactive map is the simplest way to amaze your visitors and offer them a terrific experience if you're an Airbnb host seeking a competitive advantage. Airbnb experiences are activities hosted by locals. Maybe there are acting or comedy workshops at the theater in town or bowling instruction for youngsters at the local alley - show that on your vacation rental map!

Tips For Making Your Guest Map

Link To Places To Buy Tickets And Mention Any Known Discounts Or If Tickets Are Required

This is great for museums, theaters, amusement parks, symphony halls, aquariums and zoos, arcades, tours, classes, sports stadiums, and other types of local sports and entertainment available. If you regularly send customers to the same restaurants and stores, the proprietors may be persuaded to provide discounts to your clientele. Not all business owners will be receptive to your proposal, so prepare to emphasize the volume of business you can offer them.

Find Restaurants That Cater To Different Needs - Best Vegetarian, Good Gluten Free Bakery, Open Very Late

Because many of these needs are not seen in regular Airbnb maps, including them in your map categories will make your interactive map more impressive.

Personalize Pins With Stories - Talk About What You Like To Do At A Location Or Your Favorite Dish On The Menu

It will help guests choose places and help them feel connected to you and the property. Another idea to include in your point descriptions is your top choices when a guest is looking for a specialty from your area. For instance, what food do you want your guests to try from a particular restaurant? Put these insider tips into your point descriptions!

Group Pins Into Categories

Proxi Lets You Use Custom Icons With Pins . You can categorize map points and select a custom icon for them. Those that fall under Nature and Parks can have a leaf icon, while Activities and Entertainment can have a movie popcorn icon. 

Sharing Your Map With Guests

Once the map is complete, proceed as follows:

  1. If you have a website for your vacation rental property, embed it on the website. This will help guests understand why your location is great. Bonus tip: Name your page Things To Do in [city] and hope that Google ranks it. People searching for things to do will find your map and, thus, your rental.
  2. Email a link with your reservation confirmation.
  3. Proxi lets you link to your map with a QR code. Create one and print it out. Leave it with your other guest resources so they can take it on their phone.
  4. Print out several hard copies for those who still like using paper.
  5. Set it as the home screen for the web browser on any devices you leave for guests, like if you have an iPad or computer for them. 
  6. Send your map to someone who creates decals or hand-drawn maps. This can make for amazing wall art in your rental - it will connect the rental to the guests and help with the decor. 

Explore a real-life example

Here is an example of an incredible host map from The Chal-A in Vermont.

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