Introducing the Google My Maps to proxi Converter

Seamlessly transfer your Google My Maps to Proxi with just a link, unlocking a wealth of advanced features and customization options.

Katie McClure

Katie McClure

Director of Marketing

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Proxi's latest tool - the Google My Maps to Proxi Converter. This innovative tool empowers users to effortlessly migrate their Google My Maps to Proxi Maps with just a link, supercharging their digital map with countless advanced features and customization options.

What is Proxi? 

Meet Proxi, an innovative map creation platform designed to empower creators like you. Our platform enables the delivery of interactive and immersive experiences for your audiences. Often referred to as the "Canva of Maps," Proxi's user-friendly software eliminates the need for coding skills. Within minutes, you can create customized maps, effortlessly aligning with your brand's aesthetics. Power up your content with our advanced features tailored to foster the growth and elevation of your businesses

Why make the transition from My Maps to Proxi 

Making the transition from Google My Maps to Proxi Maps is a strategic decision driven by Proxi's ability to surpass the limitations of conventional mapping tools. Proxi offers users a comprehensive set of tools that revolutionize map creation, customization, and sharing. Whether you're an individual map creator or part of a collaborative team, Proxi Maps provides unparalleled flexibility and features to cater to your unique mapping needs.


One significant advantage of Proxi Maps over Google My Maps is the increased personalization options it offers. Users can showcase their brand through the inclusion of logos, colors, and fonts, ensuring that their maps align with their overall brand identity. The ability to curate map settings according to individual preferences empowers users to have full control over how their maps are presented. From choosing how your point cards are displayed to developing custom CTAs for your buttons, everything can be curated to match both your brand and your use case. Additionally, Proxi allows for the creation of custom URL links, facilitating seamless sharing with your brand front and center. 

Layer on the tools your business needs

Proxi Maps goes beyond the capabilities of Google My Maps, introducing a suite of features designed to boost user engagement and enhance your marketing efforts. Here’s a breakdown of some of the top Proxi features:

Passport Challenges 

Proxi Passport Challenge redefines community engagement with its innovative digital alternative to traditional stamped passport booklets. This tool crafts immersive and gamified experiences within your map, driving foot traffic, boosting revenue, and seamlessly integrating into your marketing strategy. No code or app download is required, Proxi Passport Challenges are accessible with just a link - simplifying your tech stack for both creators and participants. Elevate your community-driven experiences effortlessly with the Proxi Passport Challenge.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation on Proxi Maps is seamless and powerful, allowing you to capture and engage with your active audience effectively.

Utilize Custom Pop-Ups: Email Capture

Effortlessly gather lead emails through tailored map pop-ups. This essential feature captures high-intent leads from map viewers, providing vital data for growing your subscriber list, nurturing leads, and shaping impactful marketing campaigns.

Enhance Lead Generation with Inquiry Forms

Take your lead generation to the next level by embedding point-specific inquiry forms into each map location. Viewers can easily submit their contact information, delivering high-intent data directly to you. Armed with this valuable information, tailor your follow-up and marketing campaigns for maximum impact. 

Don’t let your audience slip away like they would on your Google My Maps - capture, nurture, and grow your audience with Proxi. 

Passwords & Paywalls 

Empower your map creation with Proxi's Gated Access, offering you control and profitability. (Something Google My Maps would never!)  Monetize your unique and valuable map content effortlessly using our new paywall feature. Set your price and let Proxi handle the transactions - turning your content into a valuable asset. For maps intended for exclusive eyes only, leverage password protection. Share your secret code with chosen viewers or keep it private, safeguarding your map points and details. Proxi puts your content to work, giving you the control and returns you deserve.

Special Offers & Featured Points 

Enhance visibility with Proxi's Featured Points, making your key locations stand out with a subtle glow that increases clicks by an average of 70%. Elevate engagement further by incorporating special offers into these featured points, guiding viewers to explore your custom deals and affiliate promotions, and ultimately boosting conversions. Stand out and drive action with Proxi's impactful Featured Points feature, don’t fall behind with Google My Maps. 

Robust Analytics & Conversion Tracking 

Google My Maps leaves you in the dark, offering no visibility into your audience's interactions. In contrast, Proxi Maps illuminates your path to success with comprehensive analytics. Uncover valuable metrics on viewership and engagement, and easily download, analyze, and share these insights with key stakeholders.

Gain a profound understanding of your marketing strategy's effectiveness by analyzing views, clicks, and engagements from your map. Proxi's analytics empower you to refine content, optimize user experiences, and make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement in marketing engagement and results.

But Proxi doesn't stop there—take a leap into real-world conversion tracking. Track actions like booking links and check-ins, providing a tangible and advanced method to measure the impact and success of your map-related activities. Step out of the shadows and into the light of Proxi's enhanced analytics and conversion tracking capabilities.

Share With Ease 

Sharing maps with ease is a cornerstone of Proxi. The platform supports custom links and can be embedded on websites for digital sharing and QR codes for print media, allowing for effortless dissemination of maps across various channels. The incorporation of crowdsourcing features further amplifies engagement with the audience, creating a dynamic and interactive mapping experience not offered anywhere else. Moreover, the option to print maps directly from the platform adds a tangible element to map sharing and compliments your marketing strategies. 

Proxi Maps, with its advanced features and user-centric design, stands as a compelling choice for those looking to elevate their mapping capabilities.

See the difference for yourself

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Feature Comparison: Google My Maps vs. Proxi Maps

Let's take a closer look at the features offered by both platforms:

Making the Transition 

Transiting from Google My Maps to Proxi Maps has never been easier. With Proxi’s Google My Map Converter, users can copy-paste-convert their Google Map link into a Proxi map, opening up a world of possibilities for customization, collaboration, and engagement. 

Here's How:

  1. Open your Google My Map and copy the map link.
  2. In Proxi, create a new map and click on "kml / My Maps Upload."
  3. Paste your Google My Map link into the provided textbox and download the KML file.
  4. Upload this KML file into the designated kml section above. Click the "Upload" button.
  5. Allow Proxi a few minutes to generate your map.
  6. Once generated, enjoy your Proxi map! Feel free to edit and customize it to your heart's content.

Make the switch today and experience the next level of mapping with Proxi Maps and our Google My Map Converter. Your maps, your way!

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