Navigating Yakima Valley's Spring Barrel Weekend with Proxi

How Proxi's Interactive Features Enhance Wine Tasting Adventures

Spring in Yakima Valley is a time of vibrant renewal, with vineyards bursting into life and wineries unveiling their latest creations. At the heart of this seasonal celebration is the Spring Barrel Weekend, an annual event where wineries across the valley open their doors to offer barrel tastings, new wine releases, culinary delights, live music, and more. Navigating this multi-location event has never been easier, thanks to their Weekend Event Map powered by Proxi.

The event map is a comprehensive guide to over 40 event locations throughout Yakima Valley, designed to help attendees make the most of their experience. What sets this map apart is the array of features provided by Proxi, which enhance user experience and revolutionize the way visitors explore the valley's spring festivities.

The Proxi Difference:

'Mark as Visited' Feature:

Proxi's 'Mark as Visited' feature is a game-changer for attendees, allowing them to effortlessly track their journey through the Spring Barrel Weekend. Attendees can create a personalized log of their experiences, capturing memories and enabling them to easily recall their favorite stops and tastings.

Robust Analytics:

Proxi's advanced analytics dashboard provides invaluable insights to the Yakima Valley Tourism team. By tracking views, clicks, and conversions generated by the map, organizers gain a deeper understanding of attendee behavior and the event's economic impact. This data-driven approach enables informed decision-making and facilitates future event planning based on real-time engagement metrics.


With Proxi's optimized routing feature, attendees can plan their itinerary with precision. By selecting multiple locations, Proxi generates an efficient route that minimizes travel time between wineries and events. This smart tool ensures visitors maximize their enjoyment and minimize logistical hassles, making the most of their time in Yakima Valley.

Rich Text and Custom Button Links:

The detailed descriptions and custom buttons on map points elevate the user experience. Attendees can access comprehensive information about each winery event directly from the map, with additional links for further exploration. This seamless integration of content and navigation empowers visitors to make informed decisions and delve deeper into the offerings of each venue.


The ability to customize every aspect of the Proxi map ensures a consistent and branded experience for visitors. Aligning seamlessly with Yakima Valley Tourism's branding, the map features custom colors, and backlinks to their website. This cohesive presentation not only enhances the user experience but also strengthens the event's identity within the region's tourism landscape.

Advanced Filtering

Proxi's advanced filtering options empower attendees to tailor their experience based on personal preferences. Whether seeking release parties, educational events, tours, or live music, visitors can easily find and prioritize events that match their interests. This tailored approach enhances visitor satisfaction and ensures a more personalized exploration of Yakima Valley's diverse offerings.

Easy Share & Access:

Proxi maps are designed for effortless sharing and accessibility. Whether shared via social media posts or embedded on event websites, the map link simplifies distribution and extends reach. Attendees can easily access the map from any device, ensuring seamless navigation and engagement throughout the Spring Barrel Weekend festivities.

With the Event Map powered by Proxi, exploring Yakima Valley's Spring Barrel Weekend has never been more accessible. Whether you're a seasoned wine enthusiast or a first-time visitor, this Proxi powered map ensures you make the most of every moment spent in this picturesque wine region. So, grab your glass and get ready to embark on a springtime adventure in Yakima Valley!

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