Q1 2024 Product Updates

Discover our latest product launches and most recent updates

Katie McClure

Katie McClure

Director of Marketing

We’ve been busy this Q1, designing and implementing new features that boost efficiency and spark creativity. From revolutionizing your search experience to introducing a seamless way to enrich your maps with multimedia content, we're here to empower you with tools that elevate your maps to new heights. Explore what’s new: 


Search and save places to your map without leaving Proxi for Google, Yelp, or blog posts.
Ditch the hassle of juggling between platforms like Google, Yelp, or endless blog posts. With Proxi's integrated search feature, you can dive deep into exploration without ever leaving the Proxi editor. Discover and add multiple locations seamlessly, right where you need them.

Add video, audio, and more to your map.
Connect all your channels and transform your maps into immersive experiences with Proxi Multimedia Snippets. Embed videos, audio, and more directly into your Proxi Point Cards. With over 700 supported embed types, you’ll be able to captivate your audience like never before. 

Collaborate and crowdsource new points for your map with fully customizable forms.
Revolutionize the way you gather and crowdsource information with Proxi's Custom Forms 2.0. Engage your team, collaborators, and community in building your map, exactly the way you envision it. With customizable fields and multi-format sections, you have the power to collect data effortlessly.

Convert your Google My Maps into a Proxi map.
Make the leap from Google My Maps to Proxi effortlessly with our Converter tool. Copy and paste your My Map link, and sit back and relax as your points transfer, complete with titles, descriptions, and photos, enabling you to build better maps in Proxi.

Import shapes, colors, and robust datasets into Proxi.
We've overhauled our KML uploads feature to better cater to your mapping needs. Proxi now supports additional shape types and colors. Whether you're uploading complex datasets or intricate designs, our improved KML uploads can handle it all.


⚡ Faster Maps
Experience faster loading times with our upgraded advanced map point and cluster logic!

📣 Share with Ease
Our updated share modal enables you to easily share your maps across channels, whether it's via link, embed, QR code, or social media.

📅 Date/Time Improvements
New filters allow you to opt for full date/time, date only, or time only display and filter options. Your event maps are going to love this!

⚙️ Spreadsheet Optimizations
Experience accelerated load times, superior error management, and duplicate detection with our new spreadsheet optimizations. Your complex data has never been easier to manage. 

🧭 Proximity Powered Discovery
Uncover convenience with our new sorting feature in the "See More Points" list. Points are now arranged based on proximity, making exploration and discovery feel more natural.

🗺️ Map Preview Perfection
Take full control over how your map link preview appears when shared on social media, texts, and embeds with our new preview tool. Plus! With lightning-fast load times and automatic updates, your map preview will always reflect your latest version. 

📱 Maps on the Go
Enjoy a smoother mobile experience with our mobile UX upgrades. With adjusted padding and centering on point cards, you’ll experience optimal usability on the go.

With these exciting updates, we're thrilled to empower you to create, share, and explore like never before. Stay tuned for more innovations coming your way soon! Remember, we maintain a public roadmap where you can track upcoming changes and share your feature requests.

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