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At Proxi we offer multiple ways to monetize your mapping content and track the real, economic impact your map is making.

Katie McClure

Katie McClure

Director of Marketing

Ever wondered about the economic possibilities your maps could unlock? At Proxi, we've come up with creative ways to help you make money from your mapping content and measure the real-life influence your map has. It's not just about making maps; it's about paving the way for revenue!

🔒 Paywalls: Safeguarding Your Content

Why let your map's valuable content float around for free when it can be a powerful revenue generator? Introducing our Paywall feature, your ultimate content guardian. It empowers you to gate access to your content with links, giving you the ability to unlock the full potential of your map. And here's the best part: when your sales reach a specific milestone, you'll receive a share of the revenue from us at Proxi. Your content can truly work for you, unlocking new possibilities and maximizing your earnings!

Review our Paywall FAQs Here 

🌟 Sponsored Maps + Points: Turbocharge Your Revenue 

Are you looking to collaborate with local businesses for sponsorship opportunities? Supercharge your earnings by offering sponsorships on your maps and highlighting specific map points for increased traffic. 

🗺️ Map Sponsorships

You can make your map a billboard for sponsors by featuring their logo prominently, integrating their branding elements in custom category icons, and including links to their channels throughout your map.

📍 Featured Points

Create avenues for local businesses to expand their presence by featuring their points on your map. Notably, featured points receive 70% more clicks compared to standard points! 

📊 Proxi's Advanced Analytics Portal

Gain robust insights into your economic impact with Proxi's advanced analytics portal. By capturing views, clicks, and actual check-ins, you'll have tangible results to report back to your sponsors, showcasing the positive influence your map has on local businesses.

This feature is actively under development within the Proxi UI and is set to launch in early 2024. For an immediate solution, map creators can independently manage their sponsorship programs outside of Proxi.

🎟️ Booking Experiences: Cash in on Local Activities 

Is your map the ultimate destination guide? Get ready to turn it into a cash-generating asset by enabling seamless bookings for local experiences right from your map. Thanks to Proxi's collaboration with Tiqets, your map points will effortlessly connect users to local passes and available experiences. For each click that translates into a booking, you'll earn a portion of the profit; transforming your map into a lucrative hub for travelers and explorers alike.

💼 Proxi Affiliate Program: Spread the Love, Earn Rewards

We're buzzing with excitement about Proxi and bet you are too! If you're a Proxi superfan like us, dive into our Proxi Affiliate Program. It's your chance to share your Proxi love far and wide. Rally your colleagues, friends, and family to join the Proxi community, and watch your rewards pile up! 

Learn More Here 

At Proxi, we're beyond excited to empower you with cutting-edge monetization tools that transform your passion into profit! Need assistance in optimizing your map for maximum monetization potential or have any burning questions? Our dedicated support team is eagerly awaiting your message. Reach out to us anytime at help@proxi.co, and let's embark on this exhilarating journey together!

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