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Discover Shady Playgrounds in Seattle with Proxi Maps

July 10, 2024

When the summer heat is on the rise, finding a cool, shady spot for your kids to play is a must. That’s where Suitcases in Seattle comes in with her fantastic Shady Playgrounds in Seattle map. Crafted with care and powered by Proxi, this map is the ultimate guide for parents seeking shady retreats for their little ones. Let’s dive into why this map is your new best friend and how it showcases the magic of Proxi.

Meet Suitcases in Seattle

Suitcases in Seattle is a beloved blogger who has made it her mission to uncover the best family-friendly activities in the Pacific Northwest. With a knack for finding hidden gems and a talent for engaging storytelling, her blog is a go-to resource for parents. This summer, she’s tackled the challenge of hot Seattle days by creating an interactive map that highlights the city’s best shady playgrounds. 

Check Out The Map

Let’s take a tour of some of the top shady playgrounds featured on the map:

powered by Proxi

Volunteer Park Playground: This playground, nestled in the heart of Seattle, offers plenty of shade from towering trees. It’s an ideal spot for family picnics or a fun day out.

Ravenna Park: Surrounded by lush greenery, this hidden gem provides ample shade and a perfect setting for an adventurous afternoon.

Lincoln Park: Located in West Seattle, Lincoln Park boasts a fantastic playground with lots of shady spots, plus stunning views of Puget Sound.

Golden Gardens Park: Known for its beautiful beach, Golden Gardens also features a shaded playground area where kids can play safely out of the sun.

Green Lake Park: A local favorite, Green Lake Park’s shady playground is perfect for a day of fun and relaxation.

Exploring the Map - The Proxi Difference

What makes the Shady Playgrounds map so special? It’s powered by Proxi, the ultimate tool for creating custom, interactive maps. Here’s how Proxi elevates this map:

Engaging Point Details

Each playground on the map comes with detailed descriptions and vibrant photos. Parents can get a sneak peek of what to expect, from the types of play structures to the amount of shade available. This level of detail transforms a simple map into an immersive guide.

Easy Navigation with Get Directions

No more getting lost or wasting time. Proxi’s Get Directions button allows parents to navigate easily to any playground on the map. Just click, and you’re on your way to your next shady adventure.

Current Location Feature

Want to find the closest shady playground to your current location? Proxi’s Current Location feature makes it easy. This is perfect for spontaneous playdates or quick outings when the kids need to burn off some energy.

Custom Icons for a Personal Touch

Suitcases in Seattle has added adorable tree icons to mark the shady playgrounds, making the map visually appealing and easy to navigate. This custom styling reflects her brand and adds a touch of fun.

Share Anywhere

Proxi maps are designed to be easily shareable. Suitcases in Seattle has embedded the map on her blog, shared it in her social media bios, and even offers to DM the map to anyone who comments on her post. This seamless sharing capability extends the map’s reach and engagement.


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Ready to Create Your Own Map?

Inspired by Suitcases in Seattle’s Shady Playgrounds map? Ready to create your own interactive map? Whether it’s highlighting local playgrounds, showcasing foodie trails, or sharing your favorite hiking spots, Proxi makes it easy and fun.

Start mapping today with Proxi’s user-friendly templates. Need a demo? Book one with our team to kickstart your map creation journey. With Proxi, creating unforgettable experiences and engaging maps has never been simpler. Happy mapping!

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