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Bring the holidays to life with Proxi maps! From crowdsourced guides to curated maps, showcase the best of the season. [ Examples Included!]

Katie McClure

Katie McClure

Director of Marketing

'Tis the season! As the holiday spirit fills the air, content creators and destination marketing organizations (DMOs) have the perfect opportunity to elevate their holiday content and wow their audiences. Harness the power of Proxi maps to transform your recommendations into captivating experiences that not only inspire but also convert. Here are four ways Proxi maps can make your holiday content shine!

What is a Proxi Map?

Let's begin by understanding what Proxi maps are before delving into how to use them. Proxi maps are dynamic collections of multimedia content presented on an interactive digital map. Far beyond traditional static content, Proxi enriches user experiences, extending page views and boosting conversions. Leveraging spatial context and proximity, Proxi maps become indispensable tools for content creators and DMOs to inspire and convert audiences.

How Proxi Maps Inspire Conversions

With the use of Proxi, you have the opportunity to showcase a curated list of top recommendations, ranging from popular partner businesses to hidden gems. This not only opens up new possibilities of discovery but also drives significant economic impact in the real world with the help of spatial context and simplified navigation to get your viewers to the doorstep of your recommendations. By categorizing recommendations into specific themes like cuisine or family-friendly attractions, you empower your audience to discover perfect spots that align with their preferences. Additionally, Proxi maps offer robust features like check-in challenges to create an interactive experience and gamify your content.

Furthermore, Proxi maps offer more than just recommendations. They provide powerful tools, such as special offers, to drive conversions. Additionally, they can help expand your subscriber list through lead generation tools like email capture pop-ups and lead inquiry forms. With the added advantage of comprehensive analytics and insights, you can gain a deeper understanding of your viewers and their interactions. Ultimately, Proxi maps play a crucial role in shaping your brand, setting it apart from ordinary digital content. They create an immersive narrative that resonates with audiences and leaves a lasting impression. As a creator, you have full control over personalizing the experience and maximizing the potential of analytics and lead generation capabilities.

4 Ideas for Holiday Maps

During the holiday season, Proxi maps offer numerous opportunities to enhance your experience. Whether you're creating interactive light display finders, curating maps for Shop Small campaigns, or designing itineraries and activity guides for holiday events, Proxi provides endless possibilities. Capture the magic of the holidays and captivate your audience by showcasing festive events and unique experiences. Holiday Proxi maps not only serve as inspiring resources, but also play a crucial role in crafting a compelling narrative that increases your chances of conversion. Let Proxi be your guide in curating the perfect holiday content. Here's how:

Christmas Lights Maps

Utilize Proxi to create a community-powered guide showcasing the best-decorated homes in your area. With our crowdsourcing functionality, map viewers can add their own homes as points of interest for others to navigate to. Our custom crowdsourcing field options allow you to create the perfect set of instructions for users to add their homes to your map, while the approval functionality ensures control over newly added houses.

An example of Proxi's effectiveness can be seen in the holiday lights map created by The Times Colonist in Victoria. They utilized Proxi's interactive mapping technology to showcase brilliantly decorated houses in the neighborhood. Users were able to add their own homes or recommend other beautifully decorated houses, fostering a sense of community participation.

Additionally, Proxi's upvoting feature adds a competitive element, allowing users to vote for their favorite displays and encouraging even more engagement. With Proxi's routing functionality, users can easily navigate from house to house, ensuring an efficient and enjoyable experience for viewing the top-rated displays. Join in the festive joy with Proxi!

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Shop Local for the Holiday Campaigns

Inspire your audience to embrace and support local businesses and partnerships this holiday season with a comprehensive Shop Local Map. This guide will showcase a curated selection of giftable products from local boutiques, craft markets, and other small businesses in your area. Additionally, leverage our Special Offers feature to highlight exclusive seasonal discounts and deals available to your audience to incentivize purchases.

By promoting local commerce, these maps not only foster economic growth but also help residents discover unique and one-of-a-kind gifts for their loved ones. To make the shopping experience even more engaging, consider implementing a Check-in Challenge! Participants can be rewarded with a branded gift or a digital badge for supporting small businesses.

Explore the Local Small Business Saturday and Holiday Shopping Guide, 'Buy Blue' created by the Blue Springs Chamber. This valuable resource highlights 45+ local businesses within the chamber, making it easy for viewers to support the chamber while finding the perfect presents for everyone on their holiday shopping list. Whether they're searching for trendy boutique clothing or charming antique shops, this map is an indispensable tool for both locals and visitors in Blue Springs, Missouri. Discover the best of your community and make your audience's shopping experience truly special this holiday season.

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Holiday Event Itineraries

Celebrate the start of the holiday season by creating a detailed map itinerary featuring a wide variety of local festive events. Fill the map with exciting highlights like captivating tree lighting ceremonies, enchanting holiday parades, vibrant holiday markets, delightful opportunities to meet Santa, and extraordinary performances. Enhance each point with enticing descriptions, captivating photos, exclusive offers, and precise dates for easy filtering based on time. With Proxi's latest integration with Tiqets, your audience can effortlessly purchase tickets and book experiences directly from your map. And the best part? You'll earn a share of the profits! This comprehensive map transforms into a convenient resource for both locals and visitors who are eager to fully immerse themselves in the joyous spirit of the season.

Discover how Visit Vancouver, Washington brought their festive experiences to life with their 2023 Seasonal Event Guide. They've meticulously curated everything you need to fully embrace the holiday spirit. From enchanting Christmas tree farms to captivating events like lighted boat displays and mesmerizing Nutcracker plays, there's something for everyone. Indulge in the seasonal specials at local restaurants and bars, savoring the delectable flavors of the holidays. What's more, each point includes dates and times, simplifying the search for events within your desired timeframe. Immerse yourself in the magic of the season with Visit Vancouver, Washington's comprehensive guide.

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Seasonal Activity Guides

Captivate your audience by crafting expertly curated and tailored maps that cater to their specific interests and desires. For those adventurous nature lovers seeking the thrill of the great outdoors, develop a comprehensive map that not only highlights the finest snowshoeing trails and ski hills but also includes hidden gems like rejuvenating hot springs for a truly immersive experience. Take inspiration from The Mandagies captivating 'Winter in Washington Activity Guide', which offers insider tips and recommendations for making the most of the winter wonderland.

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Alternatively, you can focus on specific passions and niches, just like Erin Chau's Toronto Holiday photo guide. This meticulously crafted guide reveals the best locations in Toronto for capturing those unforgettable holiday snapshots. Whether it's a scenic rooftop view or a hidden alleyway adorned with festive lights, this guide leaves no stone unturned in helping photographers create lasting memories.

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To truly engage your audience and foster a sense of community, consider making these guides collaborative. Look to the Daily Hive's interactive map of ice skating rinks in Toronto as an example. With over 200 contributions from enthusiastic locals, this interactive guide not only provides valuable information but also creates a platform for engagement and shared experiences. The sense of community and collective knowledge adds an extra layer of authenticity to the content, making it a go-to resource for both locals and visitors alike.

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By going above and beyond and crafting these interest-specific guides, marketers can establish their content as a curated and personalized resource. Proxi takes it a step further by incorporating lead-generation tools into your content. Engage your audience with email capture pop-ups and targeted inquiry forms. Expand your subscriber base with these tools and create personalized campaigns tailored to their interests

Enhance your Marketing Strategy with Proxi Maps

Effectively promoting your Proxi map requires a comprehensive approach to maximize its reach. Since Proxi maps are essentially links, you can leverage various digital platforms to share them. From social media posts to your personal website, you can easily share the maps using hyperlinks or embed them on your channels. Encourage your local business partnerships to showcase your map through flyers in high-traffic areas, including a QR code to direct visitors to your map. Additionally, make sure to include your map in any email campaigns you are running. By combining online and offline tactics, you can optimize the visibility of your guide and create a significant impact.

Create a Holiday Map Effortlessly with Proxi

This holiday season, inspire your audience to discover your content in exciting new ways and establish your content as the ultimate hub for holiday cheer. With Proxi, you can effortlessly create mobile-friendly, interactive maps for your audience within minutes using our user-friendly, no-code tool and advanced AI features. Easily share these dynamic guides through social media, QR codes, and email campaigns, or seamlessly integrate them into your website. Don't miss out on this opportunity to captivate your audience and drive engagement. 

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