Adding Value, Creating Impact: Why Traveling While Black Loves Proxi

Learn how Marlie and Anthony utilize Proxi to combine place and purpose

Katie McClure

Katie McClure

Director of Marketing

Traveling isn't merely about visiting new places; it's about immersing oneself in diverse cultures, meeting new faces, and crafting indelible memories. However, for marginalized communities, such as the Black community, travel often entails unique challenges. Marlie & Anthony Love, the visionary minds behind Traveling While Black, are reshaping this narrative by offering a crucial resource for travelers in search of safe and inclusive experiences globally.

In April 2019, Marlie and Anthony Love relocated from the St. Louis, MO area to Seattle, WA. Yearning to explore their new environment, they encountered the familiar struggle of identifying secure and welcoming destinations as a Black couple. Drawing inspiration from the historic Greenbook, which aided Black travelers during the Jim Crow era, Marlie and Anthony resolved to create a contemporary equivalent.

Thus, in October 2019, Traveling While Black (TWB) was born. Beyond being a mere travel platform, Marlie and Anthony envisioned TWB as a community-driven hub dedicated to empowering the Black community and its allies to navigate the world with confidence. With over 150 episodes spanning diverse locales worldwide, Traveling While Black has emerged as a beacon of inclusivity within the travel industry.

Empowering Through Proxi: A Digital Content Ecosystem

At the core of Traveling While Black's success lies Proxi, a mapping solution that amplifies their mission and message. Proxi serves as a digital content ecosystem, seamlessly connecting all of Traveling While Black's channels and media content in one interactive environment.

Here's how TWB leverages Proxi's features to enrich their platform:

Interactive Maps: 

Marlie and Anthony utilize Proxi to plot their stories and content on an interactive map, combining the potent combination of place and purpose. Each map point showcases their experiences, offering detailed descriptions of their travels, captivating images, booking links, and embedded YouTube episodes. This multimedia integration allows their audience to seamlessly explore and enjoy their content across channels in one centralized location.

powered by Proxi

Easy Sharing: 

Proxi maps are effortlessly shareable across all digital platforms. TWB embedded their map on their homepage, encouraging content exploration and extending the amount of time spent on the page (hello ad revenue!). They share their Proxi map links on social media and include them in YouTube video descriptions, fostering greater audience connectivity.

Robust Analytics: 

Amidst the myriad ways Traveling While Black shares Proxi online, Proxi offers comprehensive analytics that empowers them to measure their content's impact effectively within a centralized environment. With the capability to track views, clicks, and conversions across all embedded and shared links, TWB gains invaluable insights into audience engagement and content performance. These insights are then diligently reported back to stakeholders and sponsors, enabling TWB to showcase their reach and effectiveness.

Monetization Opportunities: 

Proxi provides lucrative monetization avenues for Traveling While Black. Leveraging sponsorships and map features, as well as selling personalized travel itineraries mapped out on Proxi, TWB generates additional revenue streams for their maps and Proxi. 

Why Proxi?

Marlie and Anthony highlight two key reasons for choosing Proxi and recommending it to others:

Exceptional Team: Collaborating with Proxi's team has been seamless and collaborative, ensuring Traveling While Black's success.

Added Value: Proxi significantly enhances Traveling While Black's value proposition, providing an interactive and engaging platform for their audience.

Proxi has become an indispensable component of Traveling While Black's journey, empowering them to share stories, connect with their audience, and monetize their platform effectively. 

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