Fun fall and Halloween activities in Seattle in 2022

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Seattle in Fall

Ah, the Emerald City. With the days getting shorter and the air turning crisper, Seattle is a sight to behold in Fall. It’s the perfect blend of yellow, orange, and red hues, encompassing sidewalks and the deciduous trees scattered everywhere. For some reason, golden hour is even more vibrant around this time of the year and reflects off the cityscape. And, dare we say, pumpkin spice pints and candied apples: there’s nothing about Seattle in Fall that disappoints and it’s one of our most recommended seasons to visit this captivating city.

The 3 Best Fall Activities in Seattle 

Visit Local Markets and Farms

Seattle agriculture thrives in the fall because, you guessed it, it’s when crops are harvested in abundance. Whether navigating corn mazes, exploring pumpkin patches, or spending the day picking apples, this city will keep you on your feet and allow you to indulge in cute photo ops for the entire family at all times. At Swan Trail Farms’ petting farm, get acquainted with the fauna or rent a private fire pit if the corn maze at Bob’s Corn is on your itinerary. Traveling with kids in October? The living playground at Oxbow Farm and Conservation Center is a must. 

Seattle is also big on its local farmer's markets for people looking for convenience and doesn’t want to leave city limits to purchase harvested goods. Pike Place Market is an experience of its own, but if you want to branch out then opt for Fremont Sunday Market or any of the other local neighborhood markets. 


Oktoberfest festivals happen all over Washington state in October, inducing a weekend-long food coma that includes plenty of music, events, and parties. You might even enjoy the festival so much that you decide to go all three weekends. If you don’t want to travel far, the Fremont Oktoberfest is one of the most fun and popular fall activities in Seattle. 

However, don’t rule out the Leavenworth Oktoberfest set in a real Bavarian mountain village. Take the mesmerizing two-hour drive from Seattle to Leavenworth through the foothills of the Cascade Mountains- you won’t regret it. Once there, go all out on hot, salty pretzels, giant sausages, and beer. You can even attend German parties and a special beer-tapping ceremony to get the Munich experience without having to actually travel to Germany. 

Georgetown Morgue Haunted House

If you are a bored thrill-seeker looking for a fright, then make sure to get tickets for the Georgetown Morgue Haunted House. This building is home to one of the most horrifying unsolved crimes in Seattle history and is set in a real historic morgue. Reviewers describe it as “genuinely terrifying”, and we believe they aren’t lying. 

The moment you step forth into the mortuary’s depths, you’ll be stalked by blood-stained morticians, clowns, corpses, and spooks at every turn. This activity is not for the weak-hearted: kids often steer through the place with the lights on while adults have to build up courage to visit the eerie haunted house at night. 

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