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Wedding Maps

Let Proxi help make wedding planning a piece of cake! Our interactive maps are the perfect combo of an area guide to help entertain your guests and an information repository with event times, locations, and details to inform your guests about the wedding festivities.

Seamlessly embed your map on your wedding website, include as a QR code on invitations, or simply share the map link via text or email.

Digital Scrapbook

Looking for a way to keep track of your memories? Build a Proxi map and add map points of notable trips, events, and memories from your year! Upload photos, dates, and descriptions to create your virtual scrapbook.

Easily share your map as a link to family and friends or as a QR code to include on your holiday cards!

Trick-Or-Treat Maps

Proxi started out as a trick or treat map software and we still hold true to our roots! Build a crowdsource map for your neighborhood to map out participating trick or treat houses near you!

Share your map link on local neighborhood group pages or as a QR code on printed media and flyers.

Key Features

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Set Up in Seconds

Start now and share immediately. Adding points and customizing you map is quick, easy, and free.

Edit with Ease

No reaching out to developers for help. Easily add, edit, and delete points in our friendly user interface.

Enjoy Great Support

Our support team is here to help. We won’t leave you in the cold. Reach out to at any time. 

Customize Your Map

Make your map reflect YOU. Customize the header, the colors, the icons, and more with ease! Your limit is your imagination.

Upload Photos

Add photo galleries or automatically import photos from google images to curate each map pin.

Crowdsource from Your Community

Invite your community to add points to your map! Have the points auto-appear or approve them as they come in. 

Share Anywhere

Our maps are simply a link. No app required! Share via text, email, linkinbio, on your website, and more.

Move off of Google My Maps with Ease

Already have your guide on Google? Simply update a KML file to quickly add points to your map in bulk.

Support a Women-Owned Business

Why pick Proxi? We are a strong team of Women leaders who genuinely care about making the world more personal and easy to navigate. 

Don't Just Take Our Word For it

Proxi is the best new service for creating and sharing visual maps. I created a map recently of some spots my family enjoys in Boston. You can add places you recommend to my map, because I enabled crowdsourced contributions. That’s one of the best Proxi features. It lets you collaboratively create shared maps for events, group trips, conferences or anything else.

Jeremy Caplan
Educator and Journalist