Proxi Teams

Scale your content, build event passports and challenges, and keep your team connected with a shared workplace.

Proxi Passport Challenge

Increase foot traffic in your community with a digital alternative to a traditional stamped passport booklet.

Revenue and Syndication Opportunities

Make your maps work for you! Unleash the potential of Gated Access to monetize your interactive maps and increase your revenue. Collaborate with businesses and advertise them on maps crafted by your skilled team.

Unlimited Map Points and up to 100,000 Map Views
Endless mapping opportunities at your fingertips
Co-Manage maps with your team
Seamlessly enhance teamwork through a shared workspace.
Brand controls and templates
Establish brand controls, styles and templates to ensure everyone stays aligned.
6 editor seats
Proxi Team subscription provides 6 map editors seats and offers turnover protection.
Prioritized feature requests
We're here to help you build your ideal mapping solution.
Premium Support
Receive premium support for your time-sensitive questions.


Plus full access to all Proxi Features

Advanced Insights

Discover valuable metrics on your viewership and engagement. Download and share these powerful metrics with your key stakeholders.

Fully branded maps

Make your map feel like it was made in-house, taileored to your brand's unique style and preferences.

Printing Services

Print your map to meet your marketing requirements, or collaborate wiht our in-house designers to created tailored assets just for you.

Email capture

Grow your email list with Proxi's lead magnet tool. Create a custom pop-up form that will prompt your map viewers for their details and watch your subscriber list grow.

In-bound lead inquiry forms

Embed point-specific lead inquiry forms into each location on your map. Your map viewers can conveniently submit their contact information, delivering high-intent data directly into your hands.

Passwords and Paywalls

Unleash the potential of Gated Access to monetize your interactive maps and watch your revenue soar. Seamlessly capture and nurture high-intent leads for exponential growth.

Date & Time

Add dates and times to your map points and help event attendees and map viewers find important events and places and navigate there on time.

Share anywhere

Embed maps on your site or share them with custom URLs and QR codes.

Crowdsource map points

Proxi is the only mapping tool that lets you gather audience inputs.

Spreadsheet management

Easily manage your map data with our internal spreadsheet tool.

Custom design

Personalize your map with custom colors, fonts and map pin icons.

Custom categories and tags

Create custom categories and tags to organize and filter your map points.

Explore other plans

Get the most out of Proxi and take your mapping experience to another level.

Proxi Passport Challenge

The digital alternative to traditional stamped passport booklets that will engage your community like never before.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? We're here to help!

I’m interested in creating a Teams Account, what are my next steps?
I have more than 6 team members, can I add extra seats?
I’m looking for additional map management services - does the Proxi team help create maps and manage event challenges and passports?
I’m looking to automate sending my data to my Proxi map. Do you support custom API calls?
Do you offer any discounts?

Adventure Awaits!

How would you like to plot your course!?

Unleash the Power of Location-based Challenges

Are you a community organizer or someone running challenges looking to create an exciting and engaging experience for your participants? Look no further! Say hello to Proxi Passport Challenge, the ultimate tool to organize, visualize, and elevate your location-based challenges. With Passport Challenge, you can seamlessly create, manage, and track challenges while offering a unique and interactive experience for your participants. Let's dive into the remarkable features that make Proxi Passport Challenge the go-to solution for challenge creators like you.

Effortless Organization and Visualization
Proxi Passport Challenge empowers you to effortlessly organize and visualize participating locations for your challenge. By simply inputting the relevant details, you can plot your challenge locations on a visually appealing map, creating an immersive experience for your participants. The interactive map allows participants to explore, discover, and check-in at each location using a unique code, making your challenge an adventure to remember.

Real-time Leaderboard Tracking
Stay ahead of the game with Proxi Passport Challenge's real-time leaderboard. As participants check in at various challenge locations, you can monitor their progress instantly. The leaderboard provides valuable insights into the top-performing participants, encouraging healthy competition and driving engagement. With real-time tracking, you can create a dynamic and exciting challenge atmosphere that keeps participants motivated throughout their journey.

Seamless Communication and Rewards
Proxi Passport Challenge enables communication between challenge creators and participants. As participants meet challenge criteria and reach milestones, you have the power to award prizes and recognize their accomplishments, fostering a sense of achievement and loyalty.

Self-serve and Time-efficient
We understand that your time is precious. That's why Proxi Passport Challenge is designed to be self-serve and time-efficient. Setting up your challenge is a breeze, taking only around 45 minutes to complete the process. With our intuitive platform, you can create and launch challenges with ease, eliminating the need for complex technical skills or extensive training. Focus on what matters most - creating unforgettable challenges for your participants - while Proxi Passport Challenge handles the rest.

Affordable Pricing Options
At Proxi, we believe in providing value without breaking the bank. Proxi Passport Challenge offers flexible pricing options to suit your needs. Choose our annual plan for $299 per month (billed annually) and enjoy a comprehensive package with all the features you require. Alternatively, opt for the month-to-month plan at $399 per month for more flexibility. Whichever plan you choose, Proxi Passport Challenge guarantees exceptional value for your investment.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your challenges into unforgettable experiences. Take the leap with Proxi Passport Challenge and witness the power of location-based engagement like never before. Get started today and create captivating challenges that leave a lasting impression.