How to create a community feedback map (with template!)

Collect feedback from your community and directly map it on a Proxi Map

Exploring community engagement involves tapping into diverse perspectives and feedback, which is vital for understanding the community's needs and aspirations. The challenge lies in effectively gathering and managing this feedback. Introducing the community feedback map - a powerful tool designed to streamline this process and amplify community voices. This guide will walk you through creating your own map using Proxi, complete with a customizable template to kickstart meaningful community discussions.

What is Community Feedback and Why It's Important

At its core, community feedback encompasses the thoughts, opinions, and suggestions expressed by individuals within a community regarding various initiatives, projects, or issues. It serves as a cornerstone for inclusive decision-making, enabling stakeholders to understand the pulse of the community, identify areas for improvement, and foster collaboration towards common goals. By actively soliciting and incorporating feedback, organizations and local governments can cultivate trust, transparency, and accountability, ultimately fostering stronger, more resilient communities.

Why Map Community Feedback 

Mapping community feedback offers invaluable benefits for understanding and addressing the needs of constituents. By visualizing respondents' feedback, you gain a clear understanding of their perspectives and concerns. Moreover, connecting feedback to specific locations allows constituents to pinpoint their feedback directly on relevant areas, providing context and specificity to their input. This not only facilitates easier analysis for your team but also enables more effective planning and action-taking based on the spatial distribution of feedback. Ultimately, mapping community feedback serves as a powerful tool for fostering community engagement and driving positive change.

How to Build Your Community Feedback Map with Proxi

1. Create Your Base Map

Get started on your community map creation journey with Proxi's user-friendly map builder. No coding required! Center your map on the area that matters most to you, whether it's your neighborhood, local park, or city district. Incorporate categories to categorize the feedback you seek to gather, such as accessibility improvements or reports of broken signs. And remember to infuse your map with style! Develop an engaging title, add your logo, and tailor colors and fonts to maintain brand consistency. Once your map is polished, let's proceed to crafting your custom form.

2. Develop Your Add-A-Point Form with Proxi’s Form Builder 

At the heart of Proxi lies our powerful Form Builder Tool. This feature empowers you to design tailored forms for respondents to contribute feedback directly to your map, spatially organized. Customize your feedback form with custom instructions and question types such as text, multiple choice, links, and photos. Plus, leverage Proxi Forms' conditional logic feature to create dynamic forms that adapt based on respondents' answers, ensuring an interactive and intuitive feedback experience.

3. Share your map with your community

Now that your form and map are set, it's time to share it with your community! Since Proxi maps are simply a link they can be shared nearly anywhere! Embed your map on your website, include your custom map URL in social media posts, newsletters, community forums, and emails. Map links can also be generated into QR codes, perfect for print media like flyers and postcard mailers. If privacy is a concern, you can control who sees your map by approving points before they show up and adding a password. 

4. Collect Feedback 

Once your community map is out there, you'll start seeing feedback show up on your map in real time! Keep track of responses using our spreadsheet tool, which makes analysis and exporting a breeze. If you need something more tailored, our development team is available to assist you in creating custom API connections to seamlessly integrate your data with your internal databases.

5. Evaluate and Take Action 

Upon concluding the feedback collection phase, shift gears to analysis and action. Begin by immersing yourself in the data generated by your Proxi map, extracting noteworthy themes, trends, and priorities reflected in the collective feedback. With feedback spatially organized on your map, identifying these insights becomes straightforward. 

Collaborate closely with stakeholders to devise actionable strategies, initiatives, or policy adjustments that resonate with the community's expressed needs and aspirations. Whether it entails revitalizing parks or championing safer transportation options, harness the collective wisdom of community feedback to drive meaningful and positive change.

Examples of Community Feedback Maps 

Central Park Conservancy Safety and Mobility Feedback

By tapping into the insights collected via a community feedback map, the Central Park Conservancy initiated an interactive dialogue with park-goers about amenities, programming, and maintenance priorities. This inclusive method nurtured a feeling of ownership and stewardship among visitors, strengthening the bond between the community and the park's administration.

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The Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan for the Village of Richmond:

Utilizing a Proxi to gather public comments, the Village of Richmond's Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan aims to enhance the safety and accessibility of non-motorized transportation. This comprehensive initiative includes infrastructure recommendations for biking and walking, as well as educational programs to promote active transportation. Through these efforts, the Village seeks to create a more sustainable and livable community, where residents can thrive in a connected and inclusive environment.

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Burton Market Hall Sensory Feedback 

Using Proxi, Burton Market Hall seeks to gather valuable insights from the community regarding different sensory aspects of the area. From identifying psychological barriers to entry to gathering suggestions for improving accessibility, collecting community input is pivotal in shaping the future of Burton. Through collaborative efforts and engagement, their goal is to foster a vibrant and inclusive environment where residents can thrive.

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Get Started with a Template!

Ready to embark on your community feedback journey? Get started with our community feedback map template to jumpstart your efforts and begin engaging with your community in meaningful ways. With a blueprint in hand, you're one step closer to fostering inclusive dialogue, driving positive change, and building stronger, more resilient communities together.

In community engagement, feedback acts as the threads that weave together diverse stories, perspectives, and aspirations. By utilizing Proxi, you can harness the power of community feedback maps, unlocking insights and fostering collaboration. As we navigate toward a more inclusive and equitable future, let's prioritize listening to our communities and leveraging their collective wisdom to create a world where every voice is valued and every community flourishes.

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