34 Fun Prompts To Try With MapsGPT Today

Looking for inspiration for an AI-generated map? Here are 34 popular prompts to get you started.

Calling all adventurers and creative minds! MapsGPT lets you engage with cutting-edge technology while also flexing your creativity. MapsGPT offers endless possibilities for exploration and adventure, and by coming up with fun prompts, users can tap into that potential and discover new and exciting worlds. 

With a long list of examples to draw from below, there's plenty of inspiration for users. What are you waiting for? Let the adventure begin!

Date Nights

Step out of your mundane date night routine and let MapsGPT be your personal cupid. With its expert knowledge of the local scene, MapsGPT can guide you through a world of romantic possibilities.

  • Jazz bars: For jazz enthusiasts, MapsGPT can list the best jazz bars in town. From dimly lit speakeasies to lively jam sessions, get ready to be transported to a world of smooth tunes and soulful melodies.
  • 5-star restaurants: If fine dining is more your style, MapsGPT can suggest the most luxurious 5-star restaurants in the area. Indulge in a gourmet feast for the senses as you savor every bite of expertly crafted cuisine and sip on exquisite wines.
  • Places for a first date: Planning a first date and needing to know where to start? Don't sweat it; MapsGPT can recommend charming and unique venues perfect for getting to know your potential partner. Take a leisurely stroll through a botanical garden or share a cup of coffee at a cozy cafe, and let the sparks fly.
  • Flower shops: For hopeless romantics, MapsGPT can guide you to the best flower shops in town. Surprise your loved one with a stunning bouquet of their favorite blooms, or stroll through a garden of fragrant flora for a dreamy and intimate date. With MapsGPT as your guide, your date night adventures will be unforgettable. So let your hair down, take a chance, and let MapsGPT show you all the romantic magic your city has to offer.

Pet Love

Are you a pet parent who loves to explore new places with your furry companion? Or you're planning a vacation and want to ensure your pet is welcome wherever you go. Look only as far as MapsGPT, where you'll find a treasure trove of dog-friendly hotels, restaurants, and bars to visit, as well as nearby animal hospitals and pet daycares in case of emergencies or a day of play.

  • Dog-friendly hotels: Imagine walking into a lobby where your dog is greeted with a fresh bowl of water and treats. You check in and head up to your room, where your pup snuggles up on a cozy dog bed while you enjoy the city views. 
  • Dog-friendly restaurants: As you explore the city, you come across a quaint little restaurant with a dog-friendly patio, where your furry friend is welcomed with open paws and a menu of treats. 
  • Dog-friendly bars: Feeling adventurous, you make your way to a dog-friendly bar, where your furry friend can enjoy a specially crafted "pawtini" while you sip on a cocktail.
  • Animal Hospitals / Pet Daycare: Being a responsible pet parent means being prepared for any situation, which is why MapsGPT also includes information on animal hospitals and pet daycares. You'll have peace of mind knowing that you can easily find the nearest vet or a place for your pet to play and socialize while you explore the city.

Enjoy the Outdoors

There's nothing quite like getting out in nature and exploring all the beauty the great outdoors offers. Whether you're drawn to the majesty of cascading waterfalls, the thrill of hiking through rugged terrain, or the serenity of a peaceful garden, MapsGPT has got you covered.

  • Waterfalls: Feel the mist on your face as you discover the most breathtaking waterfalls in your area.
  • Hikes: Put your endurance to the test with our prompts for the best hikes and walking trails. Whether you prefer a leisurely stroll or a challenging climb, MapsGPT can guide you to the perfect path.
  • Places to run: If running is your passion, MapsGPT can help you find the best places to hit the pavement and stay in shape. MapsGPT can guide you to the perfect running experience, from paved trails to steep inclines.
  • Best views / Gardens / Parks / Walking trails: For those who prefer a more leisurely pace, MapsGPT can lead you to the most picturesque parks, gardens, and walking trails. Take in the best views, breathe fresh air, and connect with the natural beauty surrounding you.


Ready to go on a thrilling adventure and explore the hidden secrets of your hometown? MapsGPT is your ticket to a journey of discovery! Take a walk down your community's winding streets and hidden alleyways and discover the fascinating history and lore surrounding you. You'll be amazed at the oldest buildings, the spookiest haunts, and the most notorious crime scenes in your backyard.

Here are some fun prompts to get you started:

  • Oldest buildings: Find the oldest structures in your town, from antique homes to buildings repurposed over the years.
  • Haunted locations: Uncover the most haunted and mysterious spots in your area, from local ghost stories and legends to the chilling history behind abandoned buildings and haunted cemeteries.
  • Famous crime scenes: Learn about the most infamous crimes in your town, from local scandals and heists to historical events that shaped the area's past.


Are you looking to escape the mundane without jet-setting to a far-off destination? Enter the world of the stay-cation, where your local area becomes your playground. Let MapsGPT guide you through a stay-cation that's sure to please, whether you're a lifelong resident or a first-time visitor.

  • Popular tourist attractions: With MapsGPT's "popular tourist attractions" prompt, you'll uncover hidden gems that even locals might not know about. Discover the city's top-rated museums, must-see landmarks, and tantalizing foodie spots. Have you ever tried a hotdog that's so good it'll make you forget about international travel? This prompt will take you there.
  • Vacation rentals: Opt for a bit of luxury with the "vacation rentals" prompt, whether you're seeking beachfront bliss, a cozy cabin in the woods, or a chic loft in the city center. Imagine falling asleep to the city's glittering lights or waking up to the sounds of crashing waves - all while enjoying the comfort of your private vacation rental.
  • Historical locations: MapsGPT's "historical locations" prompt is a must-try for history buffs. From famous battlegrounds and war memorials to historic houses and sites of cultural significance, this prompt will take you on a journey through time. Explore the stories of your city's past and discover the people and events that shaped it into what it is today.

Dietary Restrictions

Do you have specific dietary restrictions that make finding places to eat or shop for food challenging? Fear not, for MapsGPT has got your back! Whether you're vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, or keep kosher, our cutting-edge AI technology can help you find the best options to suit your needs. No more endless scrolling through Yelp reviews or aimlessly wandering around town searching for the perfect meal - with MapsGPT, the world is your oyster.

  • Vegan restaurants: Are you looking for some delicious vegan cuisine? Enter "Vegan restaurants" into MapsGPT and prepare to be amazed by the diverse and flavorful options that pop up. Whether you're in the mood for classic comfort food, spicy Thai curries, or innovative vegan sushi rolls, MapsGPT can lead you to the best vegan restaurants in town.
  • Gluten-free bakeries: Are you gluten-free and searching for a sweet treat that won't cause a reaction? Look no further than MapsGPT's "Gluten-free bakeries," where you'll find delectable cakes, cookies, and pastries made with alternative flours and other gluten-free ingredients. From dense, fudgy brownies to light and fluffy lemon cakes, there's a gluten-free bakery out there that's perfect for you.
  • Dairy-free ice cream stores: If you're lactose intolerant but still crave the creamy, cool goodness of ice cream, MapsGPT can help you find "Dairy-free ice cream stores" in your area. No matter where you are, there's a good chance you're just a stone's throw away from a shop that serves up scoops of dairy-free, plant-based ice cream in various fun and funky flavors.
  • Kosher: And if keeping kosher is a must for you, MapsGPT can help you navigate the tricky terrain of finding restaurants and stores that cater to your specific needs. Whether in a new city or just looking to try a new restaurant, "Kosher" on MapsGPT can help you find places that adhere to the kashrut laws and serve delicious meals that meet your dietary requirements.

Social Clout

MapsGPT helps you discover the best local spots for elevating your social media game. Whether you're a foodie seeking out the latest trendy brunch spot, a nature lover looking for scenic hiking trails, or just someone who loves snapping amazing photos to share on your feed, MapsGPT has got you covered.

There's nothing quite like exploring the hidden gems in your local area, so why not start with some of our favorite prompts:

  • Most Instagrammable spots in your town or city
  • Best brunch spots in your neighborhood
  • Famous landmarks or historic locations nearby
  • Top outdoor areas for stunning photos, such as parks, gardens, or lakes
  • Best places to catch a sunset or sunrise within driving distance
  • Most astonishing street art or murals to discover in your local area
  • Unique or quirky photo opportunities nearby that will make your followers smile
  • Best independent shops or boutiques to snap photos in or grab a bite to eat

Places To Grab A Drink

Are you looking for the perfect spot to kick back and enjoy a cold one with your friends? Look no further than your backyard! Whether you're a local breweries fan or prefer a dive bar's cozy atmosphere, we've got you covered. MapsGPT's hand-picked selection of drinking spots offers something for everyone, each with its unique character and charm.

  • Winery: If you're a fan of fine wines, why not explore the local wineries in your area? Many wineries offer tastings and tours of their vineyards, allowing you to sample some of the best vintages around. From crisp whites to full-bodied reds, you will find a wine that tickles your fancy.
  • Brewery: Local breweries are the perfect spot for beer enthusiasts to sample some of the freshest and most innovative beers. Many breweries offer tours and tastings, so you can learn more about the brewing process and discover new favorites. 
  • Distillery: And if you're in the mood for something stronger, why not check out the local distilleries for a taste of artisanal spirits?

Here are some prompts to get you started:

  • Best local breweries
  • Coziest dive bars in the area
  • Top-rated wineries nearby
  • Rustic tap rooms
  • Best happy hour deals around

Planning a Wedding

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! As you plan your big day, remember to consider the pre-wedding festivities and the perfect wedding venue. Whether you're a maid of honor looking for the ideal bachelorette party location or a couple searching for the perfect place to tie the knot, MapsGPT can help you discover unique and unforgettable spots for your wedding celebrations.

To get started, try these prompts:

Places for Bachelorette parties:

  • Rooftop bars with stunning views
  • Wineries for a fun day of wine tasting
  • Beach houses for a relaxing getaway
  • Day spas for pampering and relaxation
  • Escape rooms for a thrilling adventure

Wedding venues:

  • Rustic barns for a charming country wedding
  • Rooftop venues with city views for a glamorous affair
  • Historic mansions for a touch of old-world elegance
  • Botanical gardens for a whimsical outdoor ceremony
  • Unique event spaces, such as museums or art galleries, for a one-of-a-kind wedding experience

For the Kids

Are you ready for a day of adventure and fun with your little ones? Whether planning a family outing or looking for a place to play, MapsGPT has got you! With our kid-friendly prompts, you can explore the best attractions, playgrounds, and restaurants with play areas for kids in your area.

  • Kid-friendly attractions: If you're searching for something exciting to do with your kids, type "Find kid-friendly attractions in my area" into MapsGPT, and we'll suggest some great options! There's plenty of family fun, from theme parks and museums to zoos and aquariums.
  • Playgrounds: Want to let your little ones burn off some energy? Ask MapsGPT to "Show me playgrounds nearby," and we'll guide you to the closest play areas. Whether you're looking for a park with swings, slides, climbing frames, or indoor play space to escape the weather, we've got plenty of great suggestions.
  • Restaurants with playgrounds: And when hunger strikes, why not find a restaurant with a play area for your kids? Type "Recommend restaurants with play areas for kids" into MapsGPT, and we'll show you the best places to grab a bite while your kids have a blast. There are plenty of options, from fast food chains with play zones to family-friendly eateries with outdoor playgrounds.

For Foodies

Are you a foodie looking to explore your local area's best culinary offerings? MapsGPT has a list of prompts that will help you discover the hidden gems and top-rated eateries nearby. Whether you're in the mood for fresh produce or craving some late-night bites, we've got the perfect prompt to help guide you on your gastronomic adventure.

  • Farmer's Markets: Look no further than the local farmer's markets if you're a lover of fresh and locally sourced produce. The selection of fruits, vegetables, and handmade products from local artisans is sure to impress. Ask MapsGPT to find the nearest farmers market, and you'll be on your way to filling your basket with fresh and flavorful goodies.
  • James Beard Winners / Michelin Star Winners: If you're looking for award-winning dining experiences, MapsGPT can help you find the James Beard and Michelin star-winning restaurants in your area. From upscale establishments to trendy eateries, there are plenty of options. 
  • Late-Night Eats: If you're looking for some late-night bites, MapsGPT can guide you to the best local spots that cater to night owls.

Here are some creative prompts that will help you discover the best culinary offerings in your local area:

  • "What are some local farmer's markets near me?"
  • "Show me James Beard award-winning restaurants in my city."
  • "Where can I find Michelin-star restaurants?"
  • "What are the top-rated late-night eats in my area?"
  • "Find the best brunch spots in my neighborhood."
  • "Show me the top-rated food trucks."
  • "Where can I find the best tacos in town?"
  • "What are the best Italian restaurants?"

Art Lovers

Calling all art lovers! Get ready to explore the vibrant and colorful world of murals, art galleries, and museums with MapsGPT. Are you looking for the best spots to snap the perfect Instagram photo, or want to immerse yourself in the world of fine art? With just a few clicks, you can find the most beautiful murals in your city, visit the best art galleries featuring local artists, and learn about art history at your favorite museums. Let's get started!


  • Find the top 10 most Instagram-worthy murals
  • The best art galleries featuring emerging artists
  • All the major museums in the area
  • Hidden gem art galleries that only locals know about
  • Street art in a specific neighborhood or city
  • Best interactive art installations in your city
  • The best exhibits in town

Taking Care of the Trash

Let's face it; trash can be a real headache; whether trying to dispose of old appliances or get rid of some yard waste, figuring out where to take it all can be a major hassle. That's where MapsGPT comes in - our clever little algorithm is here to help you out with all your waste disposal needs.

Here are some prompts you can enter to find the right location for your waste:

  • "Find recycling centers near me"
  • "Where can I dispose of old electronics?"
  • "Junkyards in my area"
  • "Where can I donate clothes near me?"
  • "Where to recycle plastic bags"
  • "Composting locations nearby"
  • "Hazardous waste disposal near me"
  • "Where can I recycle batteries?"
  • "Electronic recycling stores in my city"
  • "Where can I recycle glass bottles?"

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