5 Genius Ways To Earn Money From Interactive Maps

With inflation on the rise, who doesn't need a passive side income? We'll look at 5 ways you can make money through an interactive map.

As prices are expected to continue rising in the new year, generating extra money is necessary for most people. You may be interested in monetizing your digital material to supplement your income.

Here, we'll examine some potential revenue streams for an interactive map. Yes, maps aren't just popular navigational tools!  Discover several strategies for monetizing Proxi maps.

Become A Food Guide

Explore new ways to earn money off of your food blog or guide if you operate one. Getting a blog to the point where it can be profitable is challenging. Nearly 80% of bloggers report zero income or needing to earn more money from their websites. For starters, they need to figure out how else to monetize their blogs.

You might not know this, but you can also earn money for every reservation made with a special referral link on an interactive map embedded in your blog showing the top restaurants in your area or those catering to a particular specialty, such as vegan or gluten-free fare. Proxi maps make it even less of a hassle since they provide useful map statistics.

There's probably a café or restaurant close to you that would appreciate some positive advertising. Since certain coffee shops and eateries see receiving recommendations from food guides as worth spending money on, this is reason enough to email or pay them a visit and negotiate a custom referral link.

Taking high-quality images of their food and writing thoughtful descriptions can go a long way. You might even feature a single company at a time in exchange for dollars through fees and advertising revenue. 

Build Store Locator Maps For Local Businesses

With the rise of tremendous localization, consumers are increasingly looking for businesses that are conveniently located near their homes. People are always on the lookout for new services that are near and will make their lives easier and safer, such as grocery delivery services, ride-sharing companies, and diagnostic clinics. Store locator maps are essential for every business with physical locations. However, only some companies can afford the time or know-how to create their own store locator map.

If you know of any well-known chain restaurants in the area that don't currently have a map, you can create one for them in exchange for a fixed charge. Proxi maps' program allows users to import locations from a spreadsheet and provide insightful monthly data to the parent company. There's a treasure trove of information to map: many local establishments have undergone recent changes, including introducing new services like home delivery, altered operating hours, and (unfortunately) closures.

And it's not only businesses - utilities and government offices must display their physical locations so consumers can easily connect and locate their needed services. Government agencies and companies get the benefit of increased sales and improved service delivery by making service locations and other information more easily accessible to customers through interactive maps in their online websites.

Rank Maps For Popular Terms

The key to success with this SEO strategy is zeroing down on a particular topic area and developing an extensive resource in that area. Every month, for instance, thousands of people do online research for the whereabouts of specific truck stops.

You could rank a resource like a map of every truck stop in the nation and monetize it via ad revenue, affiliate links, or sponsorship deals. If you can think of anything that might be useful to someone, someone else has probably looked for it in search engines, and hence there are many map ideas you could rank for.

Support Local Tourism

These days, only a few sites sell hard-copy maps of the city. The future is interactive maps. 

The goal is to share the best of what your area offers through "best of" lists. Perhaps give advice on things to do in the spring or the top Boston-based businesses for tourists to visit. You may rank these maps or give them to local Airbnb hosts and hotels to use with their visitors.

The QR code makes it simple to distribute. A plus is that you may use the map to inquire about discounts or freebies at nearby establishments. So long as it means getting more customers, many companies will agree. Hotels and Airbnb hosts would benefit from this and could be willing to pay a monthly charge for access to your maps.

You may also go out to the businesses or organizations that conduct conferences in your community and offer to create a unique event map for their guests.

Be A Local Guide For Events

Maybe you're a corporate event planner. If you're worried that a slowdown in events could occur due to the impending recession, you can charge for access to an event map as a side hustle.

However, this one may need more effort. Perhaps your first event map could be a pub crawl and have local bars pay a small listing fee. The second way is to compile a database of volunteer opportunities in the neighboring areas and market it to businesses.

Tips For Marketing Your Map

  • Embed it into your website;
  • Make flyers including your QR code and hand them out to the local establishments you're networking with; and
  • Share it with your friends online, and be sure to tag the relevant companies.

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